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Book Review


Book Review


Book Review

Author: Antonia Meadows-Oyeneye

Publisher: Verbatim Communications Limited, 2012

Pages: 197

Reviewer: Funke Osae-Brown

In some parts of the world, a woman’s journey toward personal discovery is often enhanced through exercise and meditation, but Antonia Meadows-Oyeneye in her new book, ‘Inspiration for Sistahs’ gives a new perspective.

These days, there are many popular methods of exercise to help women improve their physical health, but in most cases, the underlying concern goes beyond the physical body. Yoga and dance, the most popular of them all, have been argued to strengthen the body while improving overall emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  Each technique and spiritual practice helps improve feelings of relaxation, balance and joy.

In Inspiration for Sistahs, Meadow-Oyeneye shares her life stories as a child, student and adult. Through a simple language she creates vivid images of her fond memories in the mind of her reader. Her experience is typical of most Nigerian women, hence through her eyes we know the challenges faced by women in the country who strive every day to better their lives, combine work with caring for their families, among other chores.

She argues that no matter how busy a woman is, she must take time out to perform her role in the home. Her duty as a mother and wife should not be neglected. She must make out time to cook for her family and not leave everything to domestic help. Hence, the title of her fourth chapter, ‘Domestic Help’ is instructive.

The author argues that a woman must be in charge of her life. And the most crucial step toward personal sovereignty is to know yourself. As mothers, women need to re-establish who they are as individuals, separate and distinct from their relationships with those around them. A woman must be able to define her role as a mother, a daughter, a lover, a wife, a friend, a partner, a teacher, a student, a boss, or an employee.

Knowing herself means she will be able to associate with her undertakings, enterprise, creation, and eventually be able to function well without any part of her life suffering at the expense of another.

‘Inspiration for Sistahs’ is a must have for every woman who hopes to fulfill her divine destiny, as the narrative helps women to understand who they are and how to balance uniquely every aspect of their lives.

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