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Exclusive: Deola Sagoe Speaks On Her Role As Funmilayo Kuti In ‘October 1’

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Exclusive: Deola Sagoe Speaks On Her Role As Funmilayo Kuti In ‘October 1’

deola sagoeFirst you are a fashion designer, and now you featured in ‘October 1’. How do you explain that?
Well obviously I multi task, I guess, or I am multi-faceted. I am involved in this film through the costumes. I am actually designing and making a lot of the costumes especially the costumes for the colonial masters so that is basically my involvement. Then I had a small role to play in the feature film, I am just guest starring. It is not like I am going to abandon designing for the film industry as an actress, no.
This is your first time of featuring in a film
Yes it is my very first time.
How do you want to explain the experience? What value do you think it will add to you?
Well, fame at last.
You are doing some of the costume, what do you intend to do with them after the film? Will they be auctioned or you will put them in your show room because your signature is iconic and everything Deola Sagoe is of international standard?
Well, the thing is I am sure that the costume will attract a lot of attention especially in the fashion industry. So I am hoping very much for people to buy into that way of dressing and I believe that there would be a line to actually be a spin off from this film.
Internationally, some of the pieces that are starred in a film are always very pricey.
Yes, they obviously are because of all the attention to detail the fact that we actually have to make those costumes look the period. There is a lot that goes into them and they must be very well finished, attention to detail basically which is what the Deola Sageo’s brand is all about.
You said it is going to spin up like for a line, how will this go?
Oh yes, there is going to be an installation so maybe some where during the premier of  the film or maybe  some where will be designated for the installation.

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