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Ralph Lauren Comes To Town

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Ralph Lauren Comes To Town

Polo ralphWalking into the POLO Ralph Lounge on Opebi-link road is a journey into an array of bold bright colours that the Ralph Lauren brand is known for. Different sizes of t-shirts, polo shirts, belts, face caps are arranged layer by layer on white coloured shelves. On a side of a store is a sofa with Ralph Lauren shoes arranged in front of it.
Tunde Allison sells Ralph Lauren products in Nigeria.  He has been dealing in Ralph Lauren products for a little over ten years while studying for his MBA at Strayer University, Washington, DC.  “It all started as a passion for the brand on a small scale when was in the US,” he says. I decided to stick with this brand because of the quality and array of products they offer. Also, to break into the Nigerian market at the level I aspire to be it will be beneficial on the long run. So aside the passion and in-depth understanding of the brand, it was a business decision.”
Polo Ralph Lounge stocks authentic belts, shoes, shirts, face caps and other fashion accessories by Ralph Lauren. And he says the market is currently populated by fakes. “Marketing the brand in Nigeria has it’s challenges obviously because of fake products but this is a well known brand to a lot of Nigerians far and wide. But what we intend to do is a reintroduction of the brand and its different labels. POLO by Ralph Lauren needs no introduction to most. However, there is more to Ralph Lauren than “POLO” the label and the polo tops, chinos, belts, face caps, boxers and sneakers. There are other labels such as Purple label, Black label , Blue label, RL Collection, RRL and Pink Pony Which is some of the proceeds is used I support cancer research.
“Our niche is to provide impeccable customer service and quality products at affordable prices. The quality is already in the brand. Why buy fake when the price difference is not much and you get a better quality. Yes it could be challenging sometimes but Ralph Lauren is an international brand with immense mass appeal.”
At Polo Ralph Lounge you can be assured to have a first class experience of having a total look. You can pick from their array of products. For men, it is a place to be stylishly dressed from head to toe. “Compared to any other designer, Ralph Lauren hands down has the most arrays of products to choose from. The brand is very trendy and top notch quality at affordable prices in our stores,” adds Allison.
In addition, the store stocks corporate wears for the fashionable man. “We have something for everybody,” explains Allison,  “from casual dressers to corporate, men, women, kids to household and accessories. Ralph Lauren products are quality products and it is targeted towards those that appreciate the Ralph Lauren lifestyle.”
According to him, it makes it easier for consumers to shop for the brand under one roof. “Actually, it makes for easy shopping because RL offers from face caps, inner wears (singlets and vest), shirts, Polos, blouses, blazers, pants, socks, shoes, ties, leather slippers, deodorants. Fragrance spray, sun glasses, belts, key chains, dinnerware etc all available at POLO Ralph Lounge too.”

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