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McGuire Hex Side Table

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McGuire Hex Side Table


Hex ChairYou will sure be captivated by this exquisite Bill Sofield Hex Table. Its graceful design is rare. Sofield’s signature Danish cord is hand wrapped in a geometric pattern around the six curvy legs; taking a single artisan more than 24 hours to weave. Inspired by the designs of Edward William Godwin, Sofield adds his own design sensibility to the Hex Table through the hexagon shape of the top, the sheen of the finish, the arc of the leg and the intricate craftsmanship of the mahogany wood and the woven Danish Cord. The tops and legs available in ‘Sofield’ Black and Fog finishes; Danish Cord is a natural finish with clear topcoat that will patina over time.

It is 62cm high and comes in mahogany and woven cord. It sold at N356,000 (£1,249) on www.mcguirefurniture.com

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