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FUMO Wood Basked And Matches Box In Leather

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FUMO Wood Basked And Matches Box In Leather


Wooden Bag2This FUMO wood basked and matches box comes in natural tanned leather and it is completely handmade. The leather used is treated without chrome, and comes from cattle for food industry, following the most special craftsmanship. The process of vegetable tanning is based on the use of natural tannins. The most famous and old ones are chestnut and mimosa extracts, obtained from their trunk. Once it has been coloured, the leather is greased in wooden barres with animal fats, then naturally dried and polished with amber stone. Wrinkles and small defects enhance the natural leather treatments. Made in Italy, the wood basket takes up the brass inserts used in folie boxes. You can buy online at: www.armanicasa.com

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