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Bespoke Modern Bathroom For You

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Bespoke Modern Bathroom For You


bes 3These days, one can comfortably do a whole lot of things in the bathroom-not just spending hours in deep bath write FUNKE OSAE-BROWN

The yellowish rays from the bulb fall on the tender skin of little Tomilola Aderanti leaving a brilliant silhouette in its wake. This cold Saturday morning like any other day, Tomilola is excited to soak her little body in the warm water running in the bathtub. She raises her hands to the air dabbing her little nose with a large portion of the foamy water. She wades through the water chasing the yellow plastic ducks. She presses the lifeless but colorful duck against her tiny hands laughing excitedly at the quack-quack sound. Her mum smiles back while sitting comfortably on the toilet answering nature’s call while reading a magazine.

This is a ritual that Tomilola would not exchange for anything and this, her parents know too well since they are guilty of the same crime. Theirs is an expansive Italian designed bathtub. All the bathroom fixtures come with minimalist clean cut lines. They are all made in Italy. The Aderantis are just one of the growing numbers of families who understand the importance of a truly modern bathroom

In the past, the bathroom was solely associated with cleanliness and hygiene, and so had a tendency to become very clinical looking. These days though the bathroom is becoming a retreat where you can lock yourself away after a long day and relax, a pleasure zone. Hence careful consideration needs to be given to the materials chosen to contribute to the room’s atmosphere.

Nowadays, one can comfortably do a whole lot of things in the bathroom-not just spending hours in deep bath; people now read, do manicure, send important mails and even write if in the creative profession, still in the same bathroom.

The comfort that comes with the trendy looking and multi-purpose nature of modern baths often times makes the user to forget the primary purpose and relax as if in his living room.

Many households with older bath fittings are now doing everything to remodel their bathroom to suit modern taste that one can only see and admire in beautiful magazines and classy five-star hotels. The contemporary look is beyond Jacuzzi to bathroom vanities, faucets, vessel sinks and more.

This trendy looks, really start with a new bathroom vanity because they are often the first part of the bathroom to show wear and tear. Peeling paint, chipped wood, and cracked countertops are all signs that it is time to replace the old bathroom vanity. But the modern bathroom parades better products and breathing designs meant to always woo people to convenience and the cooler side of the house.

Shade Abiola, director YATS Collection observes that glass is one of the main features of a genuine modern bathroom because it is associated with highly chic modern bathrooms and the natural transparency has an affinity with water.

“Glass is available in a variety of different colours, finishes, textures and levels of translucency; and a recent innovation means that at the flick of a switch an electronic current can change a clear glass window to opaque,” she says.

According to her, glass is used in the bathroom to create extra light, by adding windows, walls, or even a section of floor. “In particular the use of glass blocks is very popular at the moment. They come in a variety of colours, patterns and opacity and can be used to build a wall, shower enclosure or partition. They are extremely useful to use when light needs to be borrowed from another room, however they do need to be installed by a professional,” she explains.

Odus Adegbami shares the same view with Abiola on the unequalled place of glass in modern bathrooms. “Glass basins give the illusion of taking up less space than the traditional ceramic ones, he explains, whilst shelves made of glass give the illusion of space and create a clean uncluttered look. They are light, easy to clean and will work in almost any scheme as they have a timeless quality. A glass splash back has the advantage of showing the pattern or design that appears on the wall behind.”

Glass itself is not an expensive material, but the process of having it cut, polished and fitted can increase the cost. Glass tiles come in a variety of sizes and colours and they are applied in the same way as ceramic tiles and are grouted between. However they can be expensive, especially if there is a large area to cover, so are often used sparingly.

Emaka Agbais, a dealer on sanitary wares at the popular Odun Ade, along the Mile 2-Orile road, says the new millennium breaks with people appreciating aesthetics and trendy things more than ever. For him, it requires less talk to convince his customers to buy because the designers took pains in making their products to entice its beholders.   “A customer can only say that a set of Jacuzzi is exorbitant, but not bad because the styles and finishing are simply cozy.”

To feel the conviviality of a new home, Agbasi says a choice of stylish modern bathroom wares, beautiful antique vanities, sleek glass vanities, stunning porcelain and vanity sets will made one’s bathroom a living paradise that oozes out lasting freshness.

Today, there is a great range of contemporary, traditional and modern bathroom suites from top Italian designers including Antonio Citterio. For those who want latest top quality design.  There are also variety of easy to install professional bathroom frame kits for concealed toilet cisterns, wall hung and back to the wall toilets as well as frames for wall hung bathroom basins and bidets. 

Antonio Citterio has also deigned rare pieces of bathroom wash basins. A range of traditional, contemporary and modern bathroom wash bowls, wash basins and bathroom sinks that can be wall hung, lay on worktop and on washstands are some of the well sought after pieces he has designed. Italian made towel rails, shower baskets, toilet roll holders now adorn most modern day bathrooms.

In fact, some bathrooms have Shower Televisions. “There are some people who request for special shower televisions in their bathrooms. All are Bathroom TV are low voltage and waterproof to IP65 Certification and are supplied with heated television screens for clear condensation free viewing. The Bathroom and Shower Televisions are only 50mm in thickness and can easily installed within timber stud walls for contemporary flush installation,” explains Adegbami.

Besides, modern architectural designs are now emphasising on space and this makes modern bathroom even larger than the living room to suite personal style and architectural format. The designers have in mind to blend form and function which to a great extent they have achieved through the aesthetics and efficiency they bring to bear in their designs.

The truth is that with some of these contemporary bathroom fittings, you can really treat yourself to a luxurious bathing experience.  With a rainfall showerhead, multi-jet shower panel or elegant Victoria and Albert bathtub, one can forget his/her timing while on cooler side of his/her home. It is as well a whole lot of new things with modern bath fittings. Their conveniences also increase owner’s storage space with a bathroom cabinet or shelf unit.

Like all the furniture in your home, the restroom furniture serves a purpose. It needs to be functional and should appeal to your decorative taste and style. Restroom furniture includes, but is not limited to, vanities, cabinets, and towel racks. In higher-end restrooms, the list includes chaise lounges, arm chairs, and a plasma TV. All these and more are seen in modern day restrooms.

These days, restrooms seem to have become a very important factor being considered when looking for a home to buy or rent. Today bespokeamong people who appreciate quality and value class, it is important that a restroom has a luxurious look and feel to it. People even go to the extent of having a television in the restroom, Chike Obiora is one of such persons “I really mind the way my restroom looks. I actually put a television in it because there was once my club side was playing and it was when I decided to take a bath after a goalless thirty minutes first half that I heard my children scream from the parlor ‘it’s a goal’. I wanted to be part of that moment but I missed it. After then, I put a television there and it’s serving me well”.

Also sharing in this line of thought is Felix Umoh, who sells bathroom furniture’s and has earned his living from it. According to him “I love to live comfortably. Even before my business grew this big, living as a bachelor, I was particular about a clean and comfortable environment. When I could afford to spend more, I did by building a house and investing a lot in it. I am particular about two places in my house, the kitchen and of course the rest room. I am not exaggerating but I can confidently tell you that in my restroom, you can eat, that is how comfortable I made it. I have a television set and radio among other furniture’s I put in place.”

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