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Julian Hakes Mojito Shoe in Matt Lime and Fuschia

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Julian Hakes Mojito Shoe in Matt Lime and Fuschia


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This rare shoe design comes in Matt Lime and Fuschia leather lining. Designed by award winning London based architect, Julian Hakes, it is an unusual concept for ladies footwear. It took Hakes two years to work on the idea of refining every delicate sculptural curve and twist of the Mojito shoe.

The Julian Hakes Mojito is a tastefully sculptural curve mixed into a blend of simple creativity combining bright contrast leather lining that features a high heel and peep toe to make this a very comfortable and elegant shoe. The show is uniquely fashioned to look like an orange peel. Lovers of this luxury shoe in Nigeria can buy now online at www.jangola.com. Prices from N47, 997.


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