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How to spend Valentine’s Day

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How to spend Valentine’s Day




Valentine’s Day is here again but not many people are excited. The reason is simple, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has hijacked lovers’ day and turned it into an election day. So what will lovers do? Where will you be taking your significant other on Valentine’s Day?

Those who live in Lagos never lack where to go but with presidential elections scheduled for Val’s day and with threats and counter threats flying about, many people are likely going to play it low key and keep it close home even though roads will be free and traffic restrictions over by evening.

So, what plans do you have? Well, we have some ideas of our own on how to wine and dine at home.

What do you need? A significant other, a cosy space, good music, something to eat and drink, a bath tub and scented candles.

Cook together: The way to a man’s heart, they say is through his stomach but what they never say is it may well be the same for a woman. Very few things are as romantic as a man whipping up something delicious for his lady love but our advice is for both of you to don the aprons and cook together. Let the fire of romance start burning from the kitchen to the dining room and then the bedroom.

*Music: *What will Valentine’s Day be without the food of love? So, you have both fed each other. Good, now retire to the living room, dim the lights, stretch out on the couch or on the rug, cue some soft music and lounge in each other’s arms. What to play? John Legend always works but if you are feeling patriotic, you can reach for some Darey or Banky W but if you really want to heat things up. R. Kelly will always provide fuel to your fire.

Chocolates: are great for Valentine’s Day. Those who know say dark chocolates are especially amazing because they contain aphrodisiac properties which should come in handy in the after-hours. But before the after-hours, while you are lounging in the living room and listening to some baby-making music, pull close that box of chocolates close and get your sweet tooth on.

Wine: So, we have it all set; the dim light, the soft music, the box of chocolates and a significant other, well, you need something to wash all that goodness down. May we suggest His and Hers bottles of wine. Many supermarkets in Lagos stock really nice French, South African, Chilean and Australian wine. So, go shopping. For him, we recommend Marissa Jumilla Carbenet Sauvignon and for her, we recommend Marissa Escarche Rose wine. The bottle of the Marissa Rose wine will set the mood with its lovely feminine shaped bottle. But forget the shape of the bottle and pull out the cock; this sweet rose wine will go well with your chocolate and desserts.

Ok, so we have wined and dined and now it’s time to settle in for the night. Not so fast, linger a little while in the bath tub. Luxuriate in a tub filled with essential oils and body wash. You can, also, for added olfactory pleasure, light up scented candles and keep that music playing.

Wined, dined and pampered, pat each other dry then settle in for a night you will long remember not because of PDP or APC or INEC but because of the time spent with someone special.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

NOTE: This article was written before the election was postponed


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