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A new form of skin care

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A new form of skin care


Aminah Sagoe

Aminah Sagoe walks into the well lit room as her skin glitters in the well lit room. Her radiant skin is a testament to her new found love for skin care. She had been down with a skin disorder some years ago. Her search for cure led her into the discovery of using natural ingredients to cure skin disorder.
The result of her months of research with specialists in skin care products in the United States birth the Emmanus Skincare range, a luxury skin product. “Each product contains a blend of carefully chosen plant stem cells which are a powerhouse in skincare as they provide antioxidants and nutrients to replenish the skin which in turn encourage younger looking and healthier skin,” she explains.
According to her the Emmaus Skincare range is a three step product that was created as a solution to Keratosis Pilaris popularly known as chicken skin which is a goose bump kind of appearance on the skin.  
“The product consists of pampering smiling beads body wash, a clarifying body wash containing Salicylic Acid, Sunflower seed wax and pumice powder which are combined to promote the exfoliation of dry, dead, and dull skin cells. There is also the Touch of Love mini towels, a thick large and luxurious towel soaked in a blend of Salicylic and Glycolic Acid, Arginine and Witch Hazel. In addition, there is the soothing Softness Bliss Body lotion which nourishes and protects the skin.”
All these products, she explains, are best for various skin conditions such as body acne, eczema, psoriasis, dark spots and discoloration.
 Sagoe says she believes Nigerian women will find the product suitable for their skin. “We are confident that Nigerian women will fall in love with their skin all over again after using our ultimate body care kit. People spend so much time and money on their faces and neglect their bodies,” she adds.
Emmaus beauty products which are available at Medplus pharmacies and B Natural spa centers in Lagos,  is about creating alternative to healthy skincare. “We have redesigned the very foundation of skincare to produce a luxurious line that uses the very best of nature and technology to enhance the appearance and texture of the skin,” Sagoe explains.
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