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EMC: Changing the way executives do business

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EMC: Changing the way executives do business

Goulden: EMC has been working on fulfilling a number of its promises by developing platforms to solve pain points for CIOs.

Goulden: EMC has been working on fulfilling a number of its promises by developing platforms to solve pain points for CIOs.


As a chief executive officer, David Goulden is in touch with the times. He understands perfectly the role technology plays in the digital age, making him many steps ahead of his peers. He uses different applications to manage many aspects of his life.

He uses the Wink app to manage what goes on at his home while at work. He uses Luxe app to know where and how he parks his car while he uses Munchery app to order meals for himself and his dog, Fred, before he leaves the office for the day.

In sum, that is just how Goulden, CEO, Information and Infrastructure, uses technology to manage his life on a daily basis.

It is not a surprise therefore that the focus at the just concluded EMC Conference 2015, which took place at The Palazzo, Las Vegas, United States, is how businesses can be more cost effective in the way organisations are run using technology.

“More than 7 billion people are connected to the internet globally,” said Goulden in his welcome address at the opening ceremony. “Software will play a key role in the interconnected digital world. Software isn’t about the killer app but sensors. The smart phone is taking over most of our daily lives,” he said.

According to Goulden, the world is not going back to the way we used to live without technology, but it is moving on. “In this information generation, what businesses need to do is to thrive to meet the expectations of the consumer. Mobile phones, cloud, big data among others are enablers, it is application that will lead to success in this generation,” he said.

To him, EMC has been working on fulfilling a number of its promises by developing platforms to solve pain points for CIOs. “Some of the things we have done are the enterprise hybrid cloud built in 28 days or less, infrastructure transformation platform 25 foundation among others. It helps in cost reduction for managing companies. We find the best way is to find the foundation of combined infrastructure,” he said.

EMC is stepping up the game ahead of competitors with the launch of the XtremIO 4.0, also known as ‘The Beast.’ XtremIO™ version 4.0 is a non-disruptive free software upgrade to XtremIO v3.X arrays. According to Guy Churchward, president, Core Technologies, EMC, the new XtremIO 4.0 now supports new larger all-flash array configurations, expands on-demand capabilities and consolidates workloads at unprecedented levels of performance and availability.

Nicknamed ‘The Beast’ by EMC’s customers, XtremIO 4.0 leverages XtremIO’s breakthrough scale-out architecture, more than doubling previous density with 40TBs per X-Brick and by offering configurations of up to eight 40TB X-Bricks, with non-disruptive performance and capacity expansions that automatically rebalances data to maintain consistent and predictable sub-millisecond performance.

XtremIO 4.0 helps customers transform their data centre applications with breakthrough in-memory copy services, enabling entire workflows to be streamlined and automated from the storage through the hypervisor and into the application.

This is driving the rapid adoption of XtremIO across mission-critical workloads and workflows such as software DevOps, real-time analytics, production and non-production database acceleration, SAP landscape consolidation, private/hybrid clouds, enterprise-wide VDI, messaging and collaboration and electronic medical records (EMRs).

Churchward further said that customers want to run their own cloud. This explains why EMC updates to the VMAX3™platform, the industry’s leading data service platform.

According to him, EMC is simply changing what has been possible with enterprise storage by delivering new levels of automation, modernisation and consolidation to customers.

“We are extending enterprise data services to multiple platforms with the launch of FAST.X™ automating storage. VMAX3 is a new approach to enterprise storage architecture, separating software-based data services from the underlying hardware,” he said.

The VMAX3 simplifies management at scale through service level objectives (SLOs), improving overall staff productivity and allowing them to focus on the needs of the business, rather than the management of technology, he also explained.

This VMAX3 data service platform architecture allows customers to build a flexible storage infrastructure in which decisions are not bound by what is possible within a single “frame.” Customers can now choose the optimal platform for each workload while consistently protecting and managing them based on their service levels, using industry-leading VMAX capabilities.

Praveen Akkiraju, CEO, Virtual Computing Environment Company, explained that “EMC has expanded the EMC VSPEX portfolio to include the industry’s leading enterprise data services platform, EMC VMAX® 100K. Introduced last year, VMAX3™ is a radically new architecture for enterprise storage, separating software data services from the underlying platform, fundamentally changing what’s possible in the data center.”

Earlier this week, EMC announced an expanded set of VMAX3 data services that even further automate, consolidate, and protect mission-critical IT operations.

Available exclusively through EMC VSPEX-enabled business partners, the VSPEX family expansion with VMAX 100K provides customers the ability to seamlessly bridge their VMware private cloud deployment with public clouds, paving the way forward to hyper consolidate and connect on- and off-premise workloads into a hybrid cloud environment.

As a result, they are able to simplify operational and recovery capabilities while benefitting from greater agility, choice and flexibility compared with traditional build-your-own architectures.

VSPEX with VMAX 100K is purpose built to deliver and manage predictable service levels at scale for hybrid clouds. This VSPEX solution is based on the VMAX3 Dynamic Virtual Matrix Architecture, which delivers agility and efficiency-at-scale to meet the demanding requirements of today’s fast-paced business environment.

Hundreds of CPU cores and ports are pooled and allocated on-demand in a single VMAX3 system to meet the most stringent Service Level Objectives (SLOs).

The VSPEX provides customers the flexibility to build around EMC storage systems with the server and networking components they prefer to address their unique IT needs, he further explained. The addition of the VSPEX with VMAX 100K enables IT agility with additional scale, increased savings, reduced TCO by 30 percent or more over the previous generation.





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