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Elohor Aisien unveils luxury wedding dress store

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Elohor Aisien unveils luxury wedding dress store

Brides-to-be need not bother to travel abroad shop for dresses

Brides-to-be need not bother to travel abroad to shop for dresses

Her small frame was unmistakable as she mingled with guests at the formal launch of her luxury wedding dress store, Prive Wedding Atelier. The floral arrangement was heavenly as the wedding gowns were neatly arranged amongst bottles of Dom Perigon champagne and sweet bouquet of white roses. Call it a blend of champagne, wedding dresses and roses, you won’t be wrong.
Elohor Aisien, CEO, Prive Atelier, has been making statements with her luxury event management company, Prive Atelier. She had previously handled A-class wedding events where brides were often dissatisfied with their wedding dresses or they had difficulty importing from abroad. Aisien saw a need and decided to answer this need by launching Prive Wedding Atelier last July at Karimu Ikotun, Victoria Island, Lagos.
“Event planning is something I always wanted to do,” she tells me before the event began. “The good thing about it is that as an event and wedding planner, most of my brides always request for wedding dresses. We found out that all the weddings we have ever done, we actually source for the dresses for the brides. I said to myself this is a great opportunity. Instead of you travelling, spending money to go all the way abroad, this is here for you.”
According to her, brides-to-be need not bother to travel abroad to shop for dresses as Prive Wedding Atelier brings them right to their doors. “We are actually bringing them here to you. And also the good thing about the store if you see anything you don’t like and you see things from the international catalogue, we can always order for you and ship it in and bring it for you. It is a total package. Also we have men’s line which we are going to launch in a few months. We plan to stock Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani and Dolce and Gabbana. For most of our luxury clients, that is what they want. It is really a one-stop shop for everything from bridesmaid to little brides, everything you want in terms of wedding. Also we are wedding planners; we can help you plan your dream wedding.”



Prive plans to stock Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani and Dolce and Gabbana for men too

Prive plans to stock Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani and Dolce and Gabbana for men too

Part of Aisien’s plan is to tap into the emerging luxury market in the country. “There is huge business opportunity, that is the really why I set it up. I realise that when I was even looking for my wedding dress I had to go all the way to America, go to London. It is not everyone who can travel and not everyone has the time. I got a dress for a bride she could travel, but didn’t have the time. She couldn’t even leave the country, but we got her the dresses and she was really happy about it.”
Aisien’s venture into the fashion industry began with her Elite Model agency which she has the franchise. She used to have the franchise for Miss Nigeria before she ventured into luxury event planning. She has been able to multi-task her roles as a mother and CEO of Prive.
“I think it’s just who I am. My mum brought me up always working and doing things. I feel very funny when I am idle not doing anything at all. I love working. I love new ideas. I have a million and one ideas if I start talking about it, but the good thing about it is that I also have young girls who want to learn from me, I give the advice, tell them things like a girl who wants to set up a business and like joke she started already. For me it’s fun. It is exactly what I enjoy doing. I won’t do something I know I am dong just because of money. I love wedding, I love wedding dresses, the whole plan, I love fashion, I love models. So it’s all the same package.”
According to her Prive is also available in London. “Yes we get it in London. Prive Bridal as well, we have someone who is always travelling all the time. If you love what you do and you have everything well together and well organise and it is easier for you to travel.”



Part of Aisien’s plan is to tap into the emerging luxury market in Nigeria

Aisien says famous business mogul, Richard Branson is her mentor hence she has her hands in many businesses. “If you look at his lifestyle, he has got like ten things. People say that about me. If you want to be a business woman in this kind of country, you have to put your hands in things that you know. Besides, I have always plan ahead. I wanted to be a wedding planner about 20 years ago. I bought my first wedding planning book when I was 20. I remember clearly and I gave up. It’s a dream that has happened a long time and I didn’t rush it. I wanted to do it. My model agency has been there for 10 years. I know what I am doing, my team they know everything about it. All I just need to say is okay, this client is paying, and this client is using this model. It’s easy for me.”


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