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Experience the LiveWire e-chopper bike by Harley-Davidson

The gear has more than a purely mechanical function.Harley-Davidson brings innovation to the street and the way riders experience bikes. The LiveWire e-chopper is a well-styled machine with a far more sporting attitude than virtually any other bike Harley ever produced. Its footrests set back, its handlebars low and its accoutrements minimal.

Like all electric vehicles, it is quick off the mark. Once underway, it just keeps powering forward in a perfectly smooth and linear way unlike a slow-revving, petrol-engined Harley.


  • It is an electric bike.
  • The LiveWire celebrates its motive power with a sculptural and highly polished lump of aluminium loosely inspired by the look of the superchargers on drag-racing cars
  • The motor is mounted longitudinally, with the power transmitted to the rear wheel by a bevel gear.
  • The gear has more than a purely mechanical function.
  • It has been designed to produce a very obvious, medium-pitched whine, the volume of which increases with the speed of the bike.