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Exquisite Pippa Small’s New Turquoise Mountain Jewellery Collection

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Exquisite Pippa Small’s New Turquoise Mountain Jewellery Collection


This latest jewellery collection from British designer, Pippa Small, is inspired by her charity work devoted to reviving traditional Afghan skills of the Kuchi women who travel with their herds across the country’s stunning mountains. The pieces feature lapis lazuli from the ancient mines of Badakhshan, which have been in use since the 7th century BC.”

Her pieces are for discerning women who want jewellery that is different, organic, ethnic and ethical. By wearing one of Pippa’s pieces – whether radiant tourmaline earrings or a ring of chunky amethyst nestling in a warm gold setting – you are carrying with you a story, a culture from afar and, perhaps, an example of the ancient skills handed on to an indigenous or tribal craftsperson.

London-based jewellery designer Pippa has worked for more than 20 years to pioneer a style of jewellery that respects the shape of the stones she uses. She works around their natural contours, rather than cutting, polishing and reworking them. It is this determination to retain the natural organic feel to her jewellery that sets her apart from others.

Below are some of the pieces in the collection:

earringsTurquoise Mountain Lapis Disk Earrings

You can finish your look with these Silver Gold Plate earrings with Lapis stone. It is great on a casual outfit. It measures 3 inches in length and a width of 16mm.

Price: N81, 610.50 ($410)



Turquoise Mountain Lapis Zanjir NecklaceTurquoise Mountain Lapis Zanjir Necklace

It comes in Silver Gold Plate and Lapis stone. It is a 16 inches necklace with pendant that measures 2 by 2 inches.

Price: N362, 271.00 ($1,820)





Turquoise Mountain Bahar Ring With LapisTurquoise Mountain Bahar Ring With Lapis

Designed with Silver Gold Plate and Lapis stone, this ring measures 20mm in length with a width of 10mm. It can also be sized to fit.

Price: N55, 734.00 ($280)



Turquoise Mountain Rumi Cuff With LapisTurquoise Mountain Rumi Cuff With Lapis

This Silver Gold Plated cuff is a great addition to your wrist either for a casual or evening outing. It comes with Lapis stone and measures 10mm in width

Price: N174, 168.75 ($875)

All pieces are available at www.pippasmall.com


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