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GTBank: Bringing Convenience To Personal Banking

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GTBank: Bringing Convenience To Personal Banking


GTBBolu needs to send her driver to get fuel for her car. Previously, she had issues with her driver buying below the required amount of fuel she asked him to buy. He had bought N3, 000 instead of N5, 000. And so, as she paces up and down in her living room thinking of a way out, her niece, Folake, shows up. Bola narrates her predicament to Folake.

“Aunty, there is a way out, why not get the new GTBank Prepaid Utility Card,” she says. “You just need to load the amount you need at a time on it and he takes it to the filling station to purchase the fuel. If he withdraws money from the ATM you will know instantly through an alert from GTbank in case he wants to play smart and not use POS.”

The newly introduced GTBank Prepaid Utility Card is poised to be a game changer in personal banking experience. It is an all-purpose card that can be used for ATM, POS and Web transactions.

Segun Agbaje, managing director, GTbank says the new card is designed to provide ultimate convenience, flexibility and security for customers to make purchases and payments anywhere in Nigeria and abroad. This card is unique from the existing Naira MasterCard, in that it is issued instantly (can be availed same-day) and is also prepaid so is not linked to an account. Customers have to load money onto the card prior to use.

The prepaid nature of the card ensures that customers’ funds are safe, as the card is not linked to any primary account. Also, this gives customers control over their funds as they have the flexibility to load when they want to use the card to separate their transaction types.

The GTBank Prepaid Utility card is an all-purpose payment card that can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as: Purchases at supermarkets & shops, fuel purchases at filling stations, utility bill payments, ATM withdrawals and POS purchases in Nigeria and abroad, domestic and international Online purchases.

Some of the card features include: access to cash, it gives customers 24 hour access to funds from all ATMs in Nigeria and abroad. Acceptance for payment as it can be used to pay for goods and services at POS terminals. It is safe it employs the use of Chip & PIN technology to guard against unauthorised transactions. It is non – personalized which means it can be issued to customers instantly.

It is valid for two years and can be linked to regular account via internet banking. Customers will receive instant email notifications and SMS alert notifications. It is re-loadable through the branch and via internet banking. It is valid for domestic and international transactions. The maximum daily loadable limit is N100, 000 while daily transaction limit on ATM is N60, 000, on POS is N250, 000. The maximum amount permitted on card at any point in time is N250, 000.

In addition, Agbaje observes that customers stand to benefit immensely from the card’s usage. “This card is of great benefits to our customers as it will enable them separate their expenses. This means the Utility Card avails customers the opportunity to create a separate wallet for designated expenses such as household expenses, e-commerce purchases, fuel purchases e.t.c. Also it will help them take care of emergency needs. Instant issuance to customers who are in emergency need for a card. The utility card provides an opportunity for customers to apply for alternative card that can be used whilst their regular Naira Card is being issued.”

Guaranty Trust Bank plc was established in 1990 and has within the last 25 years come to be recognized as one of the most profitable, innovative, service focused and well managed banks in the Nigerian financial market space. The Bank has a record of “Industry First” innovation such as “GTBank Mobile App”, GTConnect; the interactive contact centre, Social Banking on Facebook, FastTrack, SME MarketHub, an online e-commerce platform and the first Naira MasterCard. The Bank operates from over 230 branches within the country and has banking subsidiaries in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Cote D’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom.


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