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Xiaomi Mi 4 Phone: Crafted For Perfection


With the Mi 4, you can discover new functions.

When I was handed the brown coloured pack a few weeks ago, I knew I was in for a unique experience. The brown colour of the pack is totally different from the traditional white or black colour synonymous with packs of popular brands of mobile phones.

As I unwrapped the pack, I could tell that the Mi 4 phone by Xiaomi is truly crafted to perfection. A great deal of incredible craftsmanship must be behind its making.

As I put the phone to use, the first function I checked of course, is the camera. Considering the nature of my job as a journalist. Mine comes in a white casing with stainless steel frame. It has five inches IPS full high definition display plus a Corning Concore glass screen. It comes with 3080mAh lithium-ion battery which makes a quick charge possible.

The rear camera has 13 mega pixels and MP f1.8 while the front camera has 8 mega pixels with f1.8 and it is 80° wide. I tried taking a selfie with it. The camera focused on my face in just 0.3 seconds. The quality of the picture was amazing. Crisp clear picture stared me in the face on the Mi4 phone in my hand.

“It is high-speed camera that focuses in just 0.3 seconds,” explains Rutger-Jan Van Spaandonk, chairman of MIA Group, makers of Xiaomi Phone at a media briefing in Lagos in 2015. “You can take great photos in milliseconds. The Sony’s IMX 214 13MP Exmor RS stacked image sensor collects more light through a 6-element lens and autofocuses in just 0.3 seconds. With a large f/1.8 aperture, Mi 4 delivers great low-light performance and bokeh effects. Give Magic Focus mode a try; just snap an image and choose your point-of-focus later. It is like magic.”

What is most amazing is the fact that you can use your Mi 4 phone as a remote control.

What is most amazing is the fact that you can use your Mi 4 phone as a remote control.

With the Mi 4, you can discover new functions, shortcuts, customisations and animations that can make you customise your phone to suit your mood. Each swipe, pinch and flick takes you into a world of a very friendly phone that you can’t resist to look at every second for updates on the content of your mail, Facebook page, Twitter handle and Instagram.

What is most amazing is the fact that you can use your Mi 4 phone as a remote control. The infrared emitters compatible with 2,853 devices. The Mi 4’s in-built infrared remote control function supports transfer protocols with infrared receiving equipment. The Mi remote control app can be used to operate televisions, air-conditioning units and a vast array of other home appliances. The app currently supports 2,853 devices, and more are being added all the time.

With the Mi 4 you can surf, listen, and watch videos. Surfing, streaming and gaming are made easy. YouTube stream easily without any hassles. Any video you want to watch online stream comes with a maximum download speed of 150Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 50Mbps. It is said that Mi 4 is fast enough for almost any conceivable wireless application.
So why not join the fast lane in 2016 with a Mi 4 phone?