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CORA Holds Special Edition of Art Stampede At 25

As foremost culture association, Committee for Relevant Arts turns 25 on June 2nd 2016, it will hold a special edition of Art Stampede to celebrate its anniversary. The Art Stampede, a quarterly occasion, is a parliamentary event where artists, art critics, art journalists and art connoisseurs gather to discuss topical issues relating to the arts.

In a statement, Jahman Anikulapo, programme chair, CORA, said to commemorate the anniversary, the CORA directorate will stage a special edition of Art Stampede which will focus mainly on reflecting on the past years of the organisation, and projecting into the future.

According to him, CORA is committed, as a culture activist organisation, to create an enabling environment for the growth and development of the arts.

“CORA has an agenda to do all in its powers to help create an enabling environment for the flourish of the contemporary arts of Nigeria, in the forms of Literature, Theatre, Music, Fine Art, Movie Making, as well as TV Programme Design and Production,” he explained in the statement.

In addition, he said CORA has benefited the Nigeria Art world in many ways. “CORA is, at best, a facilitator of the sharing of ideas. It creates the sort of interactions that lead to birth of ideas or sharpening of existing ideas. Some of the most forward looking initiatives in the Nigerian culture environment came out of CORA-organised talkshops, usually referenced as Conversation(s). Among its programmes and activities are the following:  The annual Lagos Book & Art Festival, Lagos – The City Arts Guide, The Great Highlife Party, annual Book Editors’ Clinic, Arthouse Forum among other events.

The Art Stampede comes up on Sunday June 5, by 2pm at Museum Gallery, Freedom Park, (old Colonial Prison Yard) 1 Hospital Road, by Broad street, Lagos.