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You Can Trade In Your BMW 3 Series At Coscharis Motors

Trade In option is now available at Coscharis Motors for BMW 3 Series, Trade In Manager, Philip Umeh, at Coscharis, has said.

According to him, the used BMW 3 Series is one of his fastest selling vehicles.

“No BMW 3 Series suffers from particularly bad depreciation,” he said in a statement, “but if value retention is a priority then we offer a trade in option, especially for customers who intend to upgrade to either the larger BMW sedans or SUVs.”

He further explained that the BMW 3 Series has been a class leader for more than forty years, and not  wishing to be outdone, BMW facelifted the 3 Series in mid-2015, adding updated lights and bumpers, new engines and a lightly revised interior. “The result is a superb-driving four-door saloon that’s better than ever, thanks to an appealing mix of upmarket badge appeal, an enjoyable chassis, smooth engines and low running costs. Good as a retail or fleet car especially given its superb fuel efficiency, performance and maintenance,” he said.