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Stella Bangura, Creative Director, VIVA VISAGE Talks Make Up

Stella Bangura, Creative Director, VIVA VISAGE

Viva Visage by Stella is a beauty outfit that specialises in makeup artistry, skin care, retail and consultancy.

Our aim is to reveal and compliment the inner beauty of our clients by letting them shine outwards with a touch of love, care and confidence as we believe that beauty is intrinsic and that everyone is and can be beautiful.

We provide complete makeover to suit the occasion or needs of our clients and also offer skincare services to our clients who we usually advice to book our services at least two weeks before their event in order to start their skin care routine.  Our skin care service is available to both men and women.

As we understand the importance of looking and feeling good in your skin, we provide targeted skincare products to address our customers skin concerns.

All skincare products used are mostly by a Swedish cosmetics brand which are 100% natural and of high performance to guarantee customer satisfaction.

We address skin conditions such as acne, sporadic breakouts, uneven skin tone amongst others while providing skin test analysis and high performance anti-aging products to slow down the aging process for a more beautiful youthful you.

Our main services are makeovers and skin care.  For our makeover service, we do makeup for editorials, weddings, TV and events in general. While for our skin care services, we conduct skin type analysis to determine our customers skin type e.g. oily, dry, combination etc. provide advanced skin care products that target mainly the ageing process amongst other skin concerns.

Professionally, Viva Visage started in 2014 in Sierra Leone and a few months now in Lagos, Nigeria. Prior to this, I’ve been offering free makeover and skincare services to friends, families and colleagues but due to the demand of my services, I decided to go fully into it as a business and I can say it’s been an amazing journey so far.

Viva Visage is mostly known for our bridal services which is usually packaged to incorporate both our skin care and makeover services. We offer an all-round beauty solution to our clients which sets us apart from others. We use the highest quality, natural and performance products and ensure that our clients achieve their desired look.

Our skin care services and products has set us apart as the go to beauty outfit because we do not focus on just the instant enhancement of our clients but offer free beauty consultation to ensure an overall healthy beautiful skin is achieved.

We usually push for our clients to start our skin care routine which in many cases we’ve found that many of our clients who not only started but stuck to it achieved visibly positive long lasting results. When a customer walks into our business, they can expect to walk away a happier and better version of themselves.  What really makes us unique is our attention to details, exceptional professionalism and skin care services.