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Steve Babaeko Talks the Book He is Currently Reading …

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Steve Babaeko Talks the Book He is Currently Reading …


What kind of books do you read?

Now, I try to read books about people who have walk down this road before me. I will read books by late Steve Jobs, Jack Walsh. Mostly books about leadership; that’s the kind of books I am looking for. Some of the challenges you currently face as a CEO have been faced by others. So, I want to know how they solved these challenges. It gives me an insight into the thought process that led them into taking certain decisions. So, I can use that same methods to solve some challenges you face today. Mostly I read books about leadership because I just feel the only reason Africa is not developing today is leadership challenge. I think there is a global leadership challenge.  Africa is worse than other continents of the world. Unless you have leaders, who are able to emerge and stand out build a vision that is bigger than themselves; most African leaders are known to be selfish taking care of their own pockets and their own families only.


Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Khaneman

Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Khaneman

Which book are you currently reading?

‘Thinking Fast and Slow’ by Daniel Khaneman is what I am currently reading. It is part of the reading list recommended for me in Stanford. I try to improve myself by going for a programme every year since I started X3M idea. I go for a programme in any Ivy League school abroad. I have been to Howard, Columbia in New York last year I was at Harvard, this year it is Stanford. If you go there, they are going to give you books to read any way, even if you don’t want to read, you are forced to read. You learn new ways, ideas that you can apply to your business. I tell my team, we are not just giving you a job, the vision is to create the next generation of Nigerian entrepreneurs. How can you start up a business, manage it, motivate a team effectively?

Note to Readers: This interview was conducted in August 2016



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