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Tonye Cole, Chairman, Sahara Group, Talks His Best 2016 Nollywood Films

Tonye Cole, chairman, Sahara Group

You seem to be into Nollywood films and I hear you say you have seen ‘‘76’, “Wedding Party” and all that, what is your take on the new generation of movies?

I think they are beautiful. I think they are moving away now from the normal stories that we used to hear before of all sort of things like: ‘I kill you father, you kill my mother’ etc. They are moving away from that. Now, it is getting into good content.

It is not just the content that you are seeing but they are taking on stories that are affecting us; that affects who we are, that affects our past. They also show our culture which they have put it at an international level so people can get to understand what makes us tick.

So, that’s one part of it. Then, it’s also about the production quality, once the production quality is good, and there is entertainment, there is fun, there is comedy then people listen to it and watch it. It gives a better feeling of who we are as Nigerians. And I think that is what is important. The movie industry has that responsibility.


76 film

76 Film

Which movie have you seen in the last one year that you like so much?

I mentioned three, which I think were, just exceptional. ‘The Wedding Party’ was just a beautiful movie which I think did very well. ’93 Days’ was excellent as well. I think the production was good, the story line was great and they showed the different part of what Nigeria is all about and I think that was very good. Also ‘’76’ has done very well in the Box Office.