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Don Jazzy May Be The Next Tech Baron

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Don Jazzy May Be The Next Tech Baron

Don Jazzy with Dele Odufuye


When Don Jazzy with his partner Tsaboin announced the launch of Flobyt Free Wi Fi on Friday at the Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos many people wondered why a music producer with great investment in the Nigerian entertainment industry would dabble into technology.

What they may not understand is Don Jazzy has taken a big leap into an area many people hitherto had thought it impossible. With the launch of Flobyt Free WiFi, he has solidified himself as an avid investor in technology.

In an interview after the launch, he told TLR he has been a silent investor in technology, he just decided to announce this because of the positive impact it will have on his job as a music producer as listeners and consumers of his creative pieces mostly use the internet to access his works.

“I have always wanted to play big in the technology space and I looked for people who were sound and had a beautiful track record in the technology space. This is my first business investment in the technology space that is public while I remain a silent partner in others.

“I am really interested in driving Flobyt’s reach beyond Lagos. Our Wi-Fi is the fastest in town and those who stream our music and content as entertainers are from the US and the UK. We believe that if we improve our services the numbers can improve,” he said.

Call Don Jazzy a smart guy and you will not be wrong. He is sure looking to the future because for him the future is today.

Already, the free Wi Fi has been deployed to specified locations, between 10-30 people can be connected to Flobyt at the same time while in locations with higher traffic, Flobyt Max can provide internet service to 10 – 80 concurrent users.

He believes Flobyts will offer further help to strengthen the craft of practitioners in the entertainment industry. “If it benefits my own company it is going to benefit every other entertainer. Now fellow artistes can now have more people accessing their music and if you are staging an event, they can invite Flobyt to activate the venue. That way, they can reach their core fans that are gathered at the event.

Dele Odufuye, CEO, Tsaboin said it is easy to sign up for Flobyt Free WiFi. “You simply walk into any of our partner outlets and patronise them. While you are at that, you can log into Flobyt’s Free WiFi service available. Join the “Flobyt FREE Wifi”. If your browser pops up for authentication, just visit www.mavinrecords.com or click on “Free Access” button shown to you. We are using state-of-the-art WiFi technology equipment that balances speed, quality of service, security and data consumption. This equipment is lightweight and easier to manage. These are the technological and business edges.”

With their eyes set on the future, Don Jazzy, Dele Odufuye and their other partners on this journey, have kick started a revolution in the technology industry.


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