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Gout De France Set To Celebrate French Gastronomy

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Gout De France Set To Celebrate French Gastronomy

Gout de France Nigeria


Get ready to enjoy exciting and exquisite meals from France at the 2017 edition of Gout de France, in celebration of French gastronomy, on Tuesday, 21st March, 2017 at selected restaurants in Lagos.

The event which is the second in the series will feature over 2, 000 restaurants in 150 countries across the globe that will showcase the French lifestyle; their regional products and most importantly, promoting France as a tourist destination through various meals that will be served.

All participating chefs will be given the same menu to prepare a meal on the same day in praise of the finest of French cuisine in other to unite people who share similar beliefs on good and healthy food.

The Gout de France menu to enjoy that day includes an aperitif with finger food, a starter, one or two main course, a cheese platter and a desert with French wines and champagnes to go with it.

Speaking at a press conference to announce the event at Sofitel Moorhouse, Ikoyi, Jean-Raoul Tauzin, Air France/KLM general manager said it is the tradition of France to show the public the gastronomy of France, the pleasure of cooking and tasting.

“This is the third time in a row we will be hosting the event. We are happy to have this event again this year,” said Tauzin. ”We are working with some of the top chefs in 2017.”

One of the participating chefs, Bosco Govera in L’Aquarelle, said Gout de France is all about showcasing healthy eating and for people to enjoy the finest of French cuisine. “Communication happens through food and as a chef, I communicate with my clients through food and when I am talking about French cuisine, I am showcasing the culture and values of France,” he explained.

Benjamin Tarigan, a chef in Sky restaurant, Eko Hotels & Suites said the event will change the mind set of most Nigerians chefs about their profession. “I believe through showcasing French cuisine, most Nigerian chefs that will be participating will be proud to call themselves a chef at the end of the event.”

The event is a good platform for restaurants across the globe to participate to showcase their expertise in French gastronomy. All anticipating participants are to apply at goodfrance.com.


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