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Anambra: Get Wrapped In Nature

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Anambra: Get Wrapped In Nature

Ogbunike cave

Anambra is blessed with many nature endowments says NDUBUEZE NAOMI

The eastern part of Nigeria has many attractions that will make you always go back to region. Like Enugu State, Anambra State has many natural tourists’ sites to see. Otherwise called “Home for all,” Anambra is home to about four million people and its inhabitants are predominantly of Igbo origin. Its capital, Awka is a bustling city with a great night life.


How to get there

If you an international visitor, you can travel by air to Enugu and from there take a road trip to Anambra. You can also book a flight from Lagos to Asaba which is the capital of Delta State and you can connect to Anambra by road. A local tour company can assist you with this.


Dike's Tower

Dike’s Tower

Where to stay

Anambra State has many hotels with serene and comfortable environment. Located in the heart of Awka, Marble Arch Hotel offers a beautiful and serene environment for guests. Situated at 1-5 Marble Arch Drive, off Oby Okoli, Avenue, it is truly a place that brings nature close to you.  The hotel is well-known for its hospitality, quality and service speed.  There are 100 stylish, spacious and beautifully designed rooms with free Wi-Fi access. Marble Arch hotel offers an ambience that will create a lasting memory in the hearts of any guest. The Masters’ room goes for N14,800, while the Executive and Business Class rooms are N11,900 and N6,850 respectively.

Golphin’s Hotels and Suites located at Golphin’s Close by Nnamdi Azikwe University Temporary Site Junction is a good place to stay. It is one of the oldest and quixotic hotels which with great ambience and bar. The location of the hotel is very accessible to the town and other parts of the state. The hotel has a shop, an indoor and outdoor bar, a restaurant that serves African and Continental Dishes, free Wi-Fi for all rooms, an ATM, and many more making your stay a memorable and comfortable one. The average rate is N8,000 a night.

Swiss Park Hotel at 45/47 Ezeogidi Road, Uruagu is a place where you can enjoy great services. It offers a clean swimming pool, free Wifi, full air-conditioned rooms, an exquisite bathroom, African and International dishes at the restaurant, laundry and car hire services. The Double Suite Royal comes with a room and a sitting room is N17,000 while the Single Standard room is N5,000.

Where to eat


There are many restaurants in Anambra where you can enjoy tasty local cuisines. If you want something more upscale or a fast food restaurant, you can eat at Supreme Taste Fries at 89, Arthur Eze Avenue, Awka, Anambra. It offers freshly made meal based on your order. The restaurant is in a safe and clean environment meeting the taste and desire of any guest.

TGR restaurant at 10, Ideato Street, Awada Layout, Obosi, Idemili North, Anambra offers African and International dishes exciting the appetite. You can enjoy tasty Ukazi, vegetable (pumpkin leaves), Ogbono soups with a serving of swallow of your choice like eba, fufu or pounded yam. There are pepper soup joints at night where you can enjoy a taste of Nkwobi, Isi Ewu served with cold soft drink or beer of your choice, in an open air.


Obutu Lake

Obutu Lake

Places to visit

The popular Ogbunike cave is made up of 317 steps which were constructed by the state government in the mid-1990s. Before entering the cave, all visitors must take off their shoes, while women in their monthly flow are not allowed to go into the cave based on tradition. The cave holds spiritual significance to most of the inhabitants of the land and it is considered sacred. The cave consists of 10 tunnels which leads to different direction. From one of the tunnels is a stream that flows rapidly into a river called River Nkissa.  Here, you can enjoy an amazing view of warm and cold water flowing into each other. A feel of the warm water and cold water from the river is a rare experience to have.

The Omashi-iyi cave is also a shrine where the oracle of Apku believed by the people of the town to offer them protection from external forces is kept. The cave is guarded by the chief priest of Omashi-iyi who seeks blessings from the gods by offering a yearly sacrifice. Inside the caves are hundreds of colourful bats extending their flight to the entrance of the cave. Heading towards the cave is stream forming a pool at the entrance of the cave. The amazing feature of this cave is seeing bats of different colour which is a rare sight to behold.

The Obutu Lake is also a great wonder to see. The inhabitants of the land, gather around this lake all year for fishing as it is considered as the reservoir for fishes.  The water of the lake is seen as a remedy by natives. They use it for medicinal purposes after they have taken the water at night without being seen.

Visitors to the lake sees its sandy shore as a favourite relaxation spot. It is attractive for tourism, rowing, swimming, leisure and recreation.

If you are a lover of herbs, you will surely fall in love with the Ekulumili Herbal Garden. The villagers and inhabitants of the town make their local medicine from the garden. Herbal plants which are rare find are in this garden. Having all species of plants and herbs the garden is mostly visited by several physicians to get herbs used in making medicines. The garden is 1km in diameter and it is surrounded by a stream water that naturally waters the plants to keep them alive and evergreen.

Dike’s Ancient War Tower was named after Dike Madueke, one of Anambra State’s greatest warrior, in Ukpor land. He died in 1700. He led the people to many wars winning several battles against their enemies. Most Igbo inhabitant named their children after him because of his

“Dike” which means a great man who has done great things. The tower is a mini-museum displaying all the tools used for war during Dike’s time. It was told that one of the reasons Dike built this tower was to see enemies from afar so the people could attack before the enemies come close. The tower was also seen as a place of refuge for others who couldn’t fight. The tower was recently renovated by the state government to aid maintenance preserving the historical purpose. Your visit to Anambra State is incomplete without visiting Dike’s tower.



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