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Heartful Vase

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Heartful Vase


  • Each piece sold will support local causes in Indonesia

In this Banbayu Vase copper is employed to create impressive home décor. These Bathy vases comes in a set of three that has a bit of a Luxor or high Egyptian style. Its origins is wholly Indonesian and its sheen is both dramatic and drop-dead gorgeous.

As decorative pieces, you can place each in different parts of the room for a more alluring effect. It will also enhance the beauty of whatever plants you choose to display.

Handmade in Indonesia from ethically sourced copper, this sculptural, textured Coppi Leaf vase doesn’t need flowers to impress with its looks. For every product sold, money is donated back to charities in local communities in Indonesia.

Available at banbayu.com Price: N 21, 781.92 ($69)


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