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Louis Vuitton’s Safari-Inspired Bags

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Louis Vuitton’s Safari-Inspired Bags


Louis Vuitton’s Safari-Inspired Bags

This season debut French marque Louis Vuitton’s Safari inspired bags. Louis Vuitton has a longstanding history of spicing up its classic, LV-monogrammed bags with bold graphics from prominent contemporary artists.

The new collection is no different as Louis Vuitton collaborated with Jeff Koons—who repurposed classic works of Renaissance art as graphic prints for the Louis Vuitton’s women’s bags—and with the commission of Jake and Dinos Chapman to ornament the bags of its Africa-inspired spring menswear collection with surrealist takes on the animals that call the continent home.

The collection is the second collaboration Louis Vuitton is having with the British brothers—who are known for their revolutionary, often unsettling works of art. The bag designs put their signature style on full display.

The new range of bags have emblazoned Louis Vuitton’s iconic LV-monogrammed styles with portrayals of lions, giraffes, and elephants which focuses on the creatures’ fierce instincts and wild natures.

The bags range from sleek steamer backpacks and totes to weekender-size duffels and small wallets; also feature a departure from the classic Louis Vuitton tan-and-brown monogram. Instead, the print is cast in blue and white, which both heightens the brothers’ otherworldly take on Africa’s best-known animals, and allows each of the stand-out styles to pair seamlessly with the collection’s safari-inspired neutral colours.

The collection is available online at louisvuitton.com.

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