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Gout de France: Experiencing Tasty French Cuisine


A cool atmosphere welcomed me into Sky Restaurant of the classy restaurants in Lagos situated at the Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. The stylish setting and polite gestures of the waiters created an exciting and loving ambience; a right combination for the dinner to celebrate the 2017 edition of Gout de France.

I sat at the bar waiting for other guests to arrive. This afforded me the opportunity to take in the so many things happening around me. The waiters moved around in quick short steps to get the tables set carefully placing the cups, cutleries, plates and napkins in the right positions.

A little later, the voice of Funmi Ojesina, the corporate communications manager, Air France/KLM jolted me back to life. She welcomed me with joy and introduced me to other guests that had just arrived with her.

Ojesina, speaking on behalf of Jean-Raoul Tauzin, the general manager, Air France/KLM said: “it is exciting to be hosting this event again at the Sky restaurant. This is the third time we are doing this. Last year’s event was amazing and I believe this year’s event will be better. We will be tasting different French cuisines to know what they taste like”.

Goute de France

Guests at the event

Just when she was done talking, one of the waiters came to the table and placed in front of every guest a colourful drink in a small glass cup which he called ‘A welcome cocktail drink’. Seeing a drink with three colours in a small cup with sugar sprinkled on the lid got me asking for the recipes. “This drink was made with rum, cream and grenadine,” the waiter explained.

Later he brought the Aperitif and canapes. He placed on the table a meal that looked so simple but with amazing taste. “This is the chicken dumpling and fish mousse with tom yum flavour,” he said. I have never tasted anything like it before. The fish mousse tasted like our locally made moin-moin which was amazingly delicious.

The next on the menu was the Hot Starter with seared caramelized Lobster medallions alongside crispy spinach cannelloni, a saffron lemon coconut sauce and capsicum purer which was served with a glass of Muscadet sur lie which is a white wine.  Tasting Lobster for first time was a fantastic experience and I would try it again if I had the opportunity especially one from the French kitchen. The sauce, the spinach, the Lobster and the white wine blended so well in the mouth that it left me asking for more.

french food

One of the cuisines served at the event

Still recovering from the delicious Lobster meal, the waiter walked in with the Main course, Roasted Duck rolls with sautéed vegetables, risotto lemongrass orange sauce together with Chateau Planeres cuvee Chantail, red wine. The Red wine serving comes with a fine, unique and smooth taste. The delicious taste of the roasted duck rolls stayed on my taste bud while I waited for the Brie and Bleu cheese to be served.

Benjamin Tarigan, a chef in Sky restaurant, Eko Hotels & Suites was responsible for all the tasty meals that made it memorable dinner for all of us.

In 2018, France will be making another call for lovers of good food to come taste French cuisine and have a feel to the lifestyle of the Frenchs. Get ready to have a taste of good food.