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4 Ways Emirates Engages Your Children While Flying



Emirates Airlines is living true to its mantra as a family airline. Aside giving families with children special check in counter at the Dubai airport, they have many creative ways to engage children while they are on board. So, if you are flying with your lovelies, you don’t have to worry about how to make them feel comfortable throughout the flight. Below I share my personal experience with Emirates when I flew with my son and daughter in August:


  1. They Are Fully Engaged With Colouring Books And Pencils: With these, I believe Emirates brings out the creative side of my children. It is a great way to give them an interesting canvass as they used different colours the way they would love to. A nice way Emirates make artists of children while they fly.


  1. The Magnetic Sketcher Makes Learning Fun: This easy to use Magnetic Sketcher makes them have great fun while on board. They can try their hands on writing all the strokes and alphabets they enjoy without getting themselves stained. The control button at the back of the sketcher makes every unwanted stroke made on the board easy to clean.


IN PICTURES [WATCH]: 4 Ways Emirates Engages Your Kids On Board


  1. They Can Carry A Buddy: With this Emirates creatively packed a soft blanket in well-designed animal themed bag. The Fly With Me set of toys included, Lewis the Lion from Africa, Peek U the Panda from China, Enrico the Monkey from Latin America, and Leila the Camel from the Middle East. Your children will surely love them.


  1. They Can Watch Their Favourite Cartoon: Your children can still stay in touch with their favourite cartoon characters while on board through ICE, the inflight entertainment hub specially created by Emirates for passengers’ comfort. There is a special section on ICE designed for children they include some Disney’s all-time classics like ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Frozen’ among others. There is also more than ten kids’ movies that can keep them busy all through the flight. They can watch all eight hours until they sleep off while watching like mine did!