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Hermès Reimagines Its Most Iconic Fragrance

Foremost luxury brand, Hermes has reimagined its most iconic fragrance, Terre d’Hermès eau Intense Vétiver, which was carefully crafted by the maison’s head perfumer, Christine Nagel’s in a perfectly playful take on the masculine classic. Terre d’Hermès men’s fragrance hits the shelves this week.

The scent was originally created by the Herme’s longtime nose Jean-Claude Ellena.

Since it was released 12 years, Terre’s mix of woody, mineral scents have become the defining notes of the Hermès man.

“I wanted to understand the masculinity of Hermès, so naturally I chose Terre,” Nagel explains in a report by Robbreport. “I must be one of the only perfumers in the world that can do the craft completely free. Hermès puts all of its trust in creators, [so the house] didn’t demand that I recreate it . . . I wanted to do it because it is such a huge monument of the brand.”

To create her version of the fragrance, Terre d’Hermès eau Intense Vétiver and available for $132 for a 3.38 fl. oz. bottle, Nagel worked back. “I was not afraid to rework the scent,” she says, “I [approached the project] as trying to understand it further, so I took it into pieces.” Once deconstructed, the vegetable, green notes of the perfume stuck out the most (terre does translate to earth, after all). She leaned into this—amping up the vetiver factor to keep the fragrance warm, swapping out the original’s black pepper notes for bright, almost spicy Sichuan pepper, and finishing it off with Queen of Hesperidia bergamot, picked just before maturity specifically for Terre.