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6 Reasons Why Handmade Suit Is The Real Deal

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6 Reasons Why Handmade Suit Is The Real Deal

Savile Row bespoke suit

Suit is an essential item in a man’s wardrobe. It is a man’s best friend to that high-power meeting. Therefore, a top executive cannot afford to look shoddy to such meetings.  And so, great care is taken when deciding on a choice of suit. Below are five reasons why handmade suit is the real deal:

Savile Row bespoke suit
  • The word ‘bespoke’ is a tailoring word that described a cloth that was ‘spoken for’ by a customer, hence Savile Row bespoke tailoring.
  • The tradition of bespoke has to do with a suit that is cut and then made by hand.
  • Suit cut and made by hand has a superiority of fit that cannot be achieved by anything ready-to-wear or made-to-measure. 
  • Suit made by hand is the best suit money can buy. Handmade Suit has both functional and aesthetic benefits.

. Handmade Suit enables the tailor to shape the jacket and its structure around the customer creating a three-dimensional shape.

  • Aesthetically, handmade suit creates a fineness and delicacy of stitching that subtly elevates it above the suit made by a machine.

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