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Protesters Break Into Luxury Stores In United States

As protest spread across major cities 

Protesters break into luxury stores in the United States as protest spread across major cities in the country on Sunday.

Louis Vuitton looting
Looting of a Louis Vuitton store

Unverified videos making rounds online show protesters breaking into Dior shop at Buckhead in Atlanta Georgia carting away bags or goods from the store. The looters practically cleared out everything in the store.

In another video, they broker into Portland’s Main Mall in Downtown and looted the Louis Vuitton store there. Many of them rushed into the store clutching handbags of different sizes in a rowdy raid.

 An Apple store at Portland, Oregon wasn’t left out of the mob attack. looters rushed into the store stealing mobile phones and accessories. Also, a Chase bank branch in the area was set on fire. 

A Gucci store at Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills was also broken into. Just as a Chanel Store in SoHo Manhattan was looted Sunday night. 

The incidents show it is not the best of times for luxury stores in the United States at all as luxury goods worth millions of dollars were carted away by looters. The lootings are coming after protests trailing the death of African American George Floyd who was killed by an American police officer through asphyxiation on May 25, 2020.