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Playing Music Is My Life, Timon Gabriel


Playing Music Is My Life, Timon Gabriel

Playing Music Is What I Am Meant To Do, It’s My Life, Timon Gabriel

The controversy rages on as to whether stars are born or made. For Timon Ayodeji Gabriel, who will mark his 10th birthday next August, the argument seems to favour those who think stars are born. Nigerians, and indeed, the world can be sure they have another music sensation to delight for the next generation.

Playing Music Is What I Am Meant To Do, It’s My Life, Timon Gabriel

Even as a toddler, the boy would dance to good rhythms; by the time Timon was three he was already rapping about the things around him – the food he ate, the people around him, etc. By the time he turned five, he started writing his own songs – songs that would transfix his baby sister, Princess, mesmerize his parents, and spellbind his teachers, especially his music teachers who started seeking to mentor the lad.

Now about to clock ten, Timon has already produced his debut album that he’s poised to dazzle the world with.
Basically, Timon sings and raps about everything around him, the food he eats, people around him, but especially the things that matter to for a sane and healthy society. And the words flow from his mouth like mercury.

Timon’s mother, Mirabel, says he’s a gift from God worth more than a hundred boys, bringing her delight in his natural talents from God, his spiritual life and his academic excellence.

 Timon Gabriel

He can be heard singing about the situation around him, such as COVID-19, drug abuse, and not just that, he proffers solution to the problems he raps about. Timon says music is his breath, his passion, the person he’s meant to be – that a life without music is like taking a part of him away.
He plays the guitar, drums and also plays the piano.
In an interview Mr. Steve, his music teacher and manager, tells of how he has been fortunate to be Timon’s teacher and manager.

He relates how during a talent hunt in school, when all of his school mates chose to dance as a show of their talent, Timon chose to rap, a move that astounded all of his teachers. Upon giving him that chance to rap, Timon impressed so much that he personally took interest in the lad and contacted his mother, asking her to allow him mentor Timon. Ever since then, Timon has been more and more a sensation.

Timon’s raps are nothing short of amazing. He raps about issues such as COVID-19 ravaging the world and crumbling economies, but offering hope that the world will overcome the scourge with the right attitude.

He raps about drug abuse among the youth, as well as other social issues. He says he has a mission to use his music to win back the youth to sane character.
He says he’s using his talent to give hope to the world. He hopes that his songs and lifestyle will give hope to the youth of today to lead better and cleaner lives.

He says he’s inspired by the likes of Kanye West because he cares about children, Whizkid because he’s a kind person and obedient to his mother, loves people, humble and trying to do his best. He says he’s inspired by Davido also because he’s following his passion.


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