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This Cooler Can Preserve Food For 6 Days SEE


This Cooler Can Preserve Food For 6 Days SEE

Dam Coolers

.It is designed by US-based Nigerian engineer

This cooler can preserve food for 6 days. Designed by a US-based Nigerian engineer, Olufemi Agbato, it promises to up the game for food and drinks preservation globally.

Dam Coolers
Dam Coolers

Working with some other experts, Agbato explains that the technology that evolved from an MBA business research has metamorphosed into a company, DAM Coolers, now deploying into the global mart the novel cooler boxes which are much lighter and trendier than many others. They are powered by vacuum technology, which eliminates carrying about heavy, bulky materials. The DAM coolers also have thinner walls, thus affording users more volume for their stuff in less area.

While Agbato and his team keep investing creativity and zeal in the enterprise, the market is promising as some individuals and organisations have already started embracing the coolers. DAM Coolers has also initiated a live crowdfunding campaign page at https://igg.me/at/DAMCOOLERS, to which it welcomes everyone.

A preorder scheme it, for instance, initiated has been attracting positive responses, with a good number of products already subscribed to and pre-ordered.

Dam Coolers

Speaking about the company, Agbato notes that DAM Coolers is an outdoor company with a fun attitude and innovative approach to creation.


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