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Healthy Lifestyle Is The Focus of Sahara Group’s Mobility Plans For Staff


Healthy Lifestyle Is The Focus of Sahara Group’s Mobility Plans For Staff


Healthy lifestyle is the focus of Sahara Group’s mobility plans for staff as it unveiled electric buggies and bicycles at the Egbin Power Plant, Ikorodu on Tuesday.

Speaking at the event, chairman, Sahara Group, Temitope Shonubi, said zero carbon emission and creating a healthy environment for the staff to thrive have been at the heart of the organisation’s policy. Therefore, the group through its Egbin plant is taking a big leap into the future through its sustainability progammes.

“In business, we are living today in the present and we are putting in so much energy. For us in the Sahara Group, we have come to realised that as we live in the present, if we are not prepared for the future, we are not ready to face the challenges and prepare for them as they come along. We want to begin to plan for the future. We will ultimately have 20 lelectirc buggies and 500 bicycles,” he explained.

In addition, he said the organisation is focused on healthy lifestyle for its staff as the introduction of the bicycle from the main gate to the office area will enable them burn some calories.

“It is beyond the environment, it is about the people. The environment to us is not just about the physical environment, the people make up the environment. In today’s world, it is all about sustainability and to ensure we prepare for the future from the present.”

Shonubi wants his staff to be equipped for the future today and the best way he thinks that can be achieved is to have a sustainable environment in the workplace and for them to live quality lifestyle.

Today, a lot of industries are dead because of the cost of buying diesel.  For as long as this plant is allowed to evacuate the power which we generate, the cost of power generation goes down, once that goes downeverything will be okay. Today, Tesla has more value than Shell or any or any of the oil giant. The future is electric car.  The world is moving towards zero carbon emission that is why we have taken the step to have these electric buggies here at the Egbin Power Plant.”

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