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Shed Light On Your Spaces With Lampart Lighting Solutions


Shed Light On Your Spaces With Lampart Lighting Solutions

Shed Light On Your Spaces With Lampart Lighting Solutions

Understanding that lighting is not just a way to make things visible, but also an opportunity to influence emotions, gives you the freedom to design beautiful and comfortable spaces. The art of creating mood and environment, colours and shapes underpins the work of Lampart Lighting Solutions, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Lighting Solutions in Turkey.

Shed Light On Your  Spaces With Lampart Lighting Solutions

Lampart Lighting Solutions is one of the leading companies in the lighting industry in Turkey. Its history began in 1990 when a company Modern Sıvama Aydınlatma was established. Since the first days of functioning, the company has been improving its experience and performance in the field of creating the best lighting design concepts worldwide. In 2004 the company introduced its new brand name Lampart, which acquired the international quality standard ISO 9001:2000. 

The team of Lampart Lighting Solutions was extended in 2006. Since then, the experienced designers, architects and engineers do their best to provide the user-oriented premium design in products and flawless quality in the production of room, bathroom, indoor and outdoor lighting elements.

Every project at Lampart Lighting Solutions goes through the standardized list of work stages on its way to perfection. First, the design team develops the concept of correct lighting and creates the design with a sketch and 3D modeling with great attention to the client’s expectations and in harmony with the unique space. The experienced project management team provides excellent teamwork and communication between designers, engineers and craftsmen in order to get the result clearly in line with project requirements. Each stage of the following production process is carefully managed by experts in their fields (die-casting, punching, polishing, and painting). After the assembly stage, the completed products are packed in the boxes with the foam system and stacked until they are shipped to a customer.

Shed Light On Your  Spaces With Lampart Lighting Solutions

“We are happy to be recognized as one of the best companies in the lighting industry by the discerning experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards. This is a worthy and extremely pleasant assessment of our commitment to excellence and clients’ satisfaction, without compromising in quality,” – said Ömer Kandemir, CEO of Lampart Lighting Solutions.

The award-winning team of Lampart Lighting Solutions has gained recognition among the most exigent customers in Turkey and abroad. The company’s portfolio comprises implemented lighting projects for Hilton Hotel Maslak, Radisson Blu Hotel, Millennium Istanbul Golden Horn Hotel, and other world-known luxury hotels and resorts.  


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