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Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center Offers Holistic Approach To Inner Peace, Outer Beauty

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Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center Offers Holistic Approach To Inner Peace, Outer Beauty

Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center

Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center Offers Holistic Approach To Inner Peace, Outer Beauty

True beauty is more than just an external phenomenon. You can go through all the procedures in a beauty salon, but the effect will be incomplete without proper emotional background and inner peace. The experienced staff of Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for every guest from the moment she enters the place. Due to the high standards of service, unique offers and professionalism in all aspects of beauty and health, this center became the winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Beauty Salon in Doha, Qatar.

Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center was founded in 2005, and its idea was the introduction of the Moroccan traditional way of beauty to the Qatar community. The beauty center was named after a Moroccan village Moulay Yaaqoup located 22 kilometers away from the famous city of Fez. This place is known for the recreational properties of local water that originates from a depth of about 1200 meters from the bottom of the Earth. This water contains sulfur and salt with natural radioactivity, which makes it very effective in treating dermatology and some types of rheumatism. This is the reason for millions of people from around the globe to come to Moulay Yaaqoup for treatment and relaxation in the swimming pools, baths, showers, and traditional Hammam. The goal of Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center is to preserve and to present this Moroccan heritage in Qatar in a proper way.

Each customer of Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center will find everything she needs for complete pampering and relaxation at an affordable price. Here you are welcomed with a warm and friendly environment emphasized by the refined interior, soft lighting, and amiable staff. Every member of the beauty center’s team aims to create a breathtaking and pleasant experience for your mind, body, and soul. The holistic approach, so highly regarded by the experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards, helps to provide a very special relaxing atmosphere during the procedures and meet all of your emotional and physical needs.

Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center was the first to present the largest traditional Moroccan bath in Qatar. This is one of the best ways of cleaning, softening and whitening the skin; it also helps to relax the nerves and the muscles and enhance blood circulation of the body.

The Moroccan bath is the most popular, but not the only, service of Moulay Yaaqoup Beauty Center. The professional staff offers a broad range of high-quality services aimed to enhance your natural beauty. Among them, are natural hair treatments and care, body care (massages, scrubs, and hair removal), skin care, nail, hands, and feet care and art. The members of the staff carefully follow the latest trends in the beauty industry by constantly participating in hairdressing exhibitions and training courses throughout the year.

The Center’s clients have a pleasant opportunity to make noticeable savings and achieve the best results by purchasing the service packages. Each package includes a list of beauty procedures at profitable discounts so that the customers can choose the most desired services at the most favorable conditions.


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