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Here Is A Place To Have A Great Day In Mauritius

Here Is A Place To Have A Great Day In Mauritius

Mauritius has an undeniable status as one of the most desirable destinations for a perfect vacation. Magnificent beaches, tropical forests, unique National Park attract millions of tourists from around the world. However, this sunny island is known not only for its wonderful nature and hospitality industry but also for attractive opportunities for unforgettable shopping. Here you will find a huge variety of stores and shopping centers for every taste. Against the background of such a wide range of destinations, stands out La City Trianon, this year’s winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of The Best Luxury Shopping Mall in Mauritius.

The residents and visitors of Mauritius have known this shopping mall since 2002, but at that time, it was called Trianon Shopping Park. Already in those years, it was a unique place due to carefully designed and optimized value, environment, and visitor experience. As part of the project, a survey of potential visitors was conducted, during which they expressed their opinions, wishes, and needs. Taking into account the survey results, the project management was able to create the most convenient conditions for perfect shopping and enjoyable pastime with family and friends.

The attractiveness of the mall was enhanced by its ideal location, as it is here, in the heart of Mauritius, in the lively center of Quatre Bornes, that the paths of tourists looking for a place for entertainment and entertaining pastime intersect. Thought-out design of the building and a competent selection of stores and services allowed Trianon Shopping Park to offer the most comprehensive shopping and leisure experience for visitors.

In 2018, the Trianon Shopping Park was rebranded and received a new name – La City Trianon. The “city in the city” concept was previously launched by SMTP Groupe at La City Ivandry, a shopping mall with a wide range of stores of different types, services, and entertainment for visitors of all ages in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Today, La City Trianon is a friendly place of the same branding where all family members can find activities and spend the whole day in a friendly home-away-from-home atmosphere, which was so highly appreciated by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards experts.

La City Trianon welcomes visitors with spacious outdoor parking for 1000 cars. The basement parking lot provides additional space for 200 more cars. Inside, customers will find a modern shopping center, which offers a huge variety of shopping and entertainment opportunities. In general, LCT has more than 110 stores of different types. Among them are brand fashion shops, jewelry, and healthcare shops, showrooms, banks, ATMs, and many others.

The largest area of La City Trianon is occupied by Winner’s hypermarket, the leading grocery supermarket in Mauritius. Movie lovers are welcomed by the ultra-modern MCine cinema complex, which offers an unrivaled experience of watching cinema masterpieces thanks to the latest video and sound technologies. The food court includes more than 20 food outlets, cafes, juice and snack bar of different origin. The visitors have a pleasant opportunity to enjoy numerous events, festivals, master classes, exhibitions, and other mass entertainment programmes that take place in the shopping center.

The La City Trianon team took care of leisure activities not only for adults but also for their children. The youngest guests of the mall will forget about boredom in the cheerful company of their peers on a well-equipped kids’ playground. Mauritius is indeed a place to have unparalleled luxurious experience.