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Gucci Is Number One Online Luxury Brand In 2021

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Gucci Is Number One Online Luxury Brand In 2021


Gucci Is Number One Online Luxury Brand In 2021

More than ever before, the year 2021 will experience a surge in online retail. This trend which began to rise in 2020 as a result of the global lockdown caused by the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic continues this year.

This year more than any other year before, the online popularity of the best luxury brands in the world is a high predictor of future sales and it has saved many luxury brands from going under during the pandemic. 

Even brands that have previously disregarded the digital space are now embracing online channels to reach and engage with their affluent consumers. Bain & Co predicts that 30 percent of global luxury sales will take place online by 2025.

One of the brands that stood out of the pack is Gucci. Gucci has not only gained popularity online, it has endeared itself with the millennial thereby increasing it sales. 

Here are a few reasons why Gucci ranks top: 

  1. Although online searches for Gucci dropped by 13% year over year. However, its online sales continued to grow by nearly 70%.
  1. Gucci leverages on digital storytelling, elevated ecommerce, and a constant drive to experiment and innovate online. From digital gifting with split payments to AR-powered try-on features on Snapchat and the Gucci App, the brand is constantly experimenting online. 
  1. Gucci also embraces genderless fashion and sustainable supply chain. These are values that resonate with younger generations of luxury shoppers.
  2. Gucci also maintains a particularly strong presence in the coveted designer sneaker market. 
  3. The Gucci Virtual 25 digital-only sneakers launched in March 2021 are indeed only available through the brand’s Sneakers Garage, a digital experience on Gucci’s mobile app. People can “wear” the shoe virtually and take photos or videos to be shared online. Social media mentions and actions for the brand across all digital platforms popularised the brand. The brand records over 10 million engagement actions per month, on average. Only Dior and Louis Vuitton are doing better with 13.2 million and 11 million respectively.

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