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Nigerian Interior Design Specialists Bringing Beautiful Ideas to Life

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Nigerian Interior Design Specialists Bringing Beautiful Ideas to Life


Nigerian interior design specialists bringing beautiful ideas to life  

Beautiful Ideas in Nigeria
 believes that you can ‘make an impression, whatever the budget’ and its firm commitment to interior design has led it to become one of the leading creative design firms in Nigeria. 

Since launching in 2007, Beautiful Ideas in Nigeria has worked hard to build its enviable reputation both in in Nigeria and the international market for its  creative designs and innovative solutions.  

This multi-divisional firm has many skills which are at the disposal of its discerning clients, from project management to interior styling, space planning, furniture design and remodelling.  

When it comes to interior styling, Beautiful Ideas in Nigeria believes that commercial or residential spaces should never be bland or boring, but that they can be designed to portray style, comfort, elegance and quality as well as providing the functionality that their clients desire.  

In this world full of material objects but often short on space, the team of experts at Beautiful Ideas in Nigeria is able to analyse every area so that it is  optimised to bring out the best in its form and purpose, to maximise the storage possibilities and to create sophisticated and original designs. 

From ensuring that the space is used to its fullest potential on a macro level, Beautiful Ideas in Nigeria is also expert in the micro level, making sure that furniture and furnishing are designed in the very best possible way for each project. The studio’s skilled and creative professionals work with woods, fabrics and metals in creating elegant pieces for each space and they can also remodel, reupholster and redesign pieces to suit every specification. 

This is why Beautiful Ideas in Nigeria has been awarded a trio of prestigious awards by Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021 in the categories of: The Best Luxury Residential Interior Designs in Nigeria 2021 for ‘Odenigbo’; The Best Luxury Commercial Designs in Nigeria 2021 for ‘Tropic Galleria’; and The Best Luxury Hotel Interior Design in Nigeria 2021 for ‘Royal Palm Hotel’.  

The awards show how multi-talented and versatile the team of experts are at Beautiful Ideas in Nigeria covering as they do so many different types of design projects: from the luxury Tropic Galleria shopping mall in Abuja which showcases high-end retailers and restaurants; the luxury Royal Palm Hotel and the Odenigbo luxury residential development.  

Each project requires a unique and specific set of skills and the team at Beautiful Ideas in Nigeria proved they were more than up to the tasks. As well as residential and commercial spaces, Beautiful Ideas in Nigeria also works on providing the best in event spaces, from conferences, training sessions and seminars to trade shows, project launches, receptions and family events – there is no limit to their imagination and creativity.  

Crucially, Beautiful Ideas in Nigeria is able to meticulously plan all its projects from the very start to the very end, meaning that they initiate, plan, execute and co-ordinate every aspect so that success is guaranteed. Working efficiently and effectively means that the team is able to achieve all its project goals within the given constraints of time, cost and labour, which means that the clients is completely satisfied at all stages.  

Whatever the client needs, whether it is design, creation, moving assets, luxury rentals and interior styling, Beautiful Ideas in Nigeria is able to provide it, making it a truly one-stop-shop for all your design needs in Nigeria and beyond. 

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