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Blend Furniture Named Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware In Egypt

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Blend Furniture Named Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware In Egypt

Blend Furniture Named Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware In Egypt

Blend Furniture Named Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware In Egypt

Egyptian furniture and homeware company Blend Furniture first established itself on the interior design scene with its first showroom in Nasr City, Cairo in 2012. Such was the success of this home-grown design company that within just a few years it was able to expand with a second showroom in Heliopolis in 2015 and then a third branch in New Cairo in 2019, and later followed by its forth showroom in West Cairo in 2021, and later followed by its forth showroom in West Cairo in 2021, proof that the appetite for Blend Furniture’s unique and stylish products show no sign of dying down.

Blend Furniture’s appeal and connection to its devoted fans can be explained by its passionately-held belief in its mission, which is to make people forget the stresses and worries of daily life as they indulge in one of its exclusive pieces. Every item lovingly supplied by Blend Furniture is a unique blend of quality, simplicity and style and covers the whole range of desires and needs in every home, not just furniture but whole systems and furnishing accessories for the entire project.

Over the years, Blend Furniture has retained its leading position in the national interior design scene by constantly adapting its range of products and services to current market trends, showing its ability to anticipate the needs and tastes of its customers while also retaining the long-lasting mark of quality and experience which provides timeless pieces which will stand the test of time.  

From household staples such as sofas, chairs and armchairs to coffee tables, dining chairs and tables to bar stools, lighting, writing desks and fireplaces, in both modern and contemporary styling, Blend Furniture supplies its clients with a whole range of high-end brands so they can fit their homes out with these beautiful and exclusive items. 

This is why Blend Furniture has been awarded a prestigious accolade in the category of Best Luxury Furniture and Homeware in Egypt by Luxury Lifestyle Awards, recognition which is truly deserved. Its motto of ‘Timeless Elegance’ can be seen in its showrooms, which are set up to provide a source of inspiration to its clients, revealing the strong design elements in each piece which exist in harmony with the rest of the collection. Blend Furniture’s stated aim is to create the perfect blend of furniture for each home with world-class design and quality standards, with original, minimalistic contemporary design and a unique sense of detail being the hallmark of the Blend Furniture design style.

The team at Blend Furniture is well aware that, thanks to the increased importance of the internet and social media, their customers are more exposed to design trends from around the world This allows them to be more creative and experimental with their selections but allows means that they require a wide variety of products, services, and better customisation, and are more likely to turn away from mass-produced items. Therefore, Blend Furniture seeks to deliver an exceptional blend of products and services to the market that best serves its customers’ needs, making sure that they are offering the very best in quality and design standards, creating the perfect solution for each customer.

As well as retailing some of the finest design brands in the world, especially from the leading designers in Europe, Blend Furniture also prides itself on encouraging and supporting local talent. By seeking out new designers and actively taking part in collaborations with Egyptian designers and innovators, Blend Furniture can give greater prominence to those who would otherwise find it hard to breakthrough in this highly competitive field.


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