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Hand Crafted: Limited Edition

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Hand Crafted: Limited Edition


hand crafted2Simply designed to be unique, eye-catching and bold are words that best describe handmade bags. Handmade handbags are handbags that are not produced through machine. They are acquired by people of taste who enjoy handcrafting products. Anyone skilled in sewing can easily produce a handmade handbag right in the comfort of her own home. But there are some sewing skills that are just pricey and can only be bought on the shelves of top notch stores. What is being sold is not just the leather but the intricate attention paid to detail in the sewing. Simply put, it’s the craftsmanship.

Owning a handmade bag is the way top female executives are using to set themselves apart fashion wise by giving their outfit an extra touch of sophistication and creativity. When it comes to making a fashion statement, many more women are considering handmade handbag their calling card of choice. Handmade bags intricately cut out from real Crocodile, Alligator, Buffalo, Calf and Snake skin embellished with Swarovski crystals, corals, pearls and precious stones are in.

Recently on the fashion scene, handmade bags that are locally manufactured in Nigeria are the toast of all. The designs are usually original to the manufacturers and are mostly unique which gives the carrier of such totes distinctiveness creating a world that is solely theirs.

All handmade bags are usually original. They are designed to be unique and strictly limited edition. It is all about being individual.  Be it tote, clutch, casual or Make Up bag manufacturers create bags for all occasions.

For makers of handmade bags, originality is the watchword hence the patterns are created and each piece is stitched together with care and attention to detail. Reinforced pockets and linings, triple stitched handles are qualities of handmade bags that are made to last.

Aisha Ugah Igbinovia is the creative director at Nichole By Haguanna, a local handmade bag brand established in Lagos in 2011. Since the label’s inception in 2011, Nichole By Haguanna has been creating iconic pieces.

“As Nigeria’s emerging handbags, leather goods and accessories label, says Igbinovia, handmade bags are about distinctive personality, paying attention to detail, intricate materials and unseasoned style.” For her, every piece is born out of the raw passion and quest to show talent in the creation of well finished handmade exquisite pieces of jewellery and leather goods. “Our pieces are handmade and tailored to each individual’s taste with all designs remaining true to the label’s aesthetics, influence and inspiration,” she adds.

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