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A few years ago cufflinks were the connection that was missing between corporate bland and creative bling. They made style statements and gave insights into a man’s personality. Fashion critics argue cufflinks break the uniformity of the business mould.

In the modern era, for a man to adorn his suit with cufflinks is a way of expressing a bit of personality. When he is at a meeting, he takes off his jacket, uses his arms, takes a drink, his cufflinks are noticed. For the executive, the beauty of cufflinks is wearing jewellery without ostentation yet it can be a hint at a man’s wealth, taste and qualities.

”I think cufflinks are trendy and they add panache to any outfit,” says Alvaro Phillippe, a designer. ”When I am going out, it depends on the shirt, that determines which cufflinks I will use. Cufflinks complement a plain outfit and it helps sharpen my sense of style.”

Phillippe also explains that contemporary men are more interested in what they wear. “Contemporary men are more likely to have more than a pair of shoes, wear cufflinks and ties to work every day, especially men in upper levels of management. It is a question of style,” he says, “top executives don’t want too much jewellery and they want to look too polished.”

“Cufflinks are one of the few ways for men to accessorise,” says Asukwo Etim. They are becoming sleeker and you can’t feel the weight as with old cufflinks. It is no longer the bulky iron it used to be. In fact, there are new button designed to look like cufflinks.”

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Men like Peter Osaro agree with Etim that new buttons designs give no room for cufflinks. And so you don’t have to spend more. In addition, he says the design of the sleeve determines if a cufflink is necessary. “It depends on how your sleeve is made,” says Osaro. “There was a time it was the vogue and I bought it because I just wanted to have it. It is no longer as common as it used to be. It was a fad that is no longer there.”

These days, women and men have cufflinks adorn their shirt sleeves. Women have more options to show off their style in terms of the colour and design of cufflinks to go for. In addition to their shoes, watch, and handbag, cufflinks are a subtle thing women used to make a nice statement.

However, Etim offers a word of caution, be careful what sort of statement you’re making. There are flashy cufflinks with heavy metals and they don’t say good things of who you are. They bling with a lot of sparkle.”

There are shops that offer novelty cufflinks that may give you that soft sparkle and corporate bling. Novesa and Twice as Nice offer beautiful, cute cufflinks that give the kind of tone you need for your dressing. In addition, Louis Vuittons offers black, plain calibres and personalised cufflinks.


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