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Have A Taste Of Ice On Emirates


Have A Taste Of Ice On Emirates

Ice allows travellers have unrivalled access to information

Ice allows travellers have unrivalled access to information

As an upwardly mobile executive, Bolu Adeoye, loves to stay in touch with what is going on around him, when he is travelling abroad for a meeting or spending the holiday with his family. And so, when he travelled to Dubai last summer with Emirates, he had an unusual experience using the newly introduced Ice, inflight entertainment that enables travellers enjoy entertainment from around the world while on board.

Ice allows travellers have unrivalled access to information as they can follow the progress of their flight, or take in the view from the aircraft’s external cameras. They can keep in touch with live business, news and sport headlines from BBC News, and read up on Dubai and Emirates.

Also passengers can communicate with their loved ones through phone, SMS or email the world below direct from their seat or call friends and family seated elsewhere on the aircraft.

With Ice, passengers can enjoy all round entertainment while on board. With over 600 channels of premium entertainment, you can surely get busy during the flight with the latest and best movies, television, audio and games from around the world.

Patrick Brannelly, Divisional Vice President Customer Experience for In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity says Ice allows passengers to be in charge of whatever they want to do while on board. “You’re always in control,” he explains. “You can start, stop, pause, rewind and fast forward, just like when you are at home. It’s easy to use so you can relax and enjoy the flight from the moment you sit down.”

While on board, passengers can choose from an array of featured movies, know about the movie primary cast or watch trailer before deciding on which movie to watch. Nollywood is not left out as Nigerian films are featured on Ice channels 235 and 236.

Also, to enjoy Ice to the fullest, passengers can check a list of what is available on their flight on Emirates’ website online, www.emirates.com before boarding.


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