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Swarovski Store Opens At Ikeja City Mall

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Swarovski Store Opens At Ikeja City Mall


Swarovski, known for its glittering high-end jewelery and crystals, has opened a stand-alone store at the lively Ikeja City Mall.

It is a perfect place to shop for exquisite, affordable luxury neckpieces, gifts, pouches, including high quality luxurious and precious crystals.
John Burns, regional manager, Swarovski Africa, at a press conference to announce the store opening said that the brand Swarovski should have been in Nigeria many years ago.

“We are celebrating our 125th anniversary this year. We have been producing jewelery, and crystals, which are something quite spectacular. We are the only company in the world that manufactures such. We have 4,000 stores across the globe and three and half billion Euro turnover in business. The turnover shows that we are not a small company and we are very much delighted to partner with Polo Luxury.

According to him, the company is very enthusiastic about being in Nigeria and has big plans for being everywhere in the country.
Furthermore, while speaking about the brand, he explained that the image of a Swan, the iconic symbol of the Swarovski brand, depicts love.

“Love is part of our platform; Swarovski is about female intuition. Nigeria is one of the best African countries in terms of fashion trends, and we have not been here. We are very much established in the rest of the continent from South Africa to Ivory Coast, and more. Nigeria is a country we should have been many years ago, we are here now, and we are delighted to move very fast into the country. Nigeria has the right demographics of people, and we are delighted to see what happens next.”

On her part, Jennifer Obayuwana, executive director of Polo Limited, said Nigeria is a very fashionable country, and it has a gifting culture.
“We love to give gifts, and a lot of clients come over here to buy gifts for their loved ones, and that is a big reason why Nigeria is part of Swarovski’s plan.”

Swarovski originated from Austria in 1895; it is a traditional European brand; it intends to bring the brand into the country, create awareness and build partners who know the Nigerian market.
Soon, the brand hopes to expand into cities like Abuja and have a store in Lekki.


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