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Tonye Cole: How I Gave Out My New Hublot Watch

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Tonye Cole: How I Gave Out My New Hublot Watch

Tonye Cole

Tonye Cole, former, managing director, Sahara Group, reveals how he gave out his first Hublot watch in an InstaLIVE Chat with Leke Adeboye, son of the GO of The Redeemed Christian Church of God on Thursday.

Tonye Cole

Adeboye who was cheeky with some of the questions he asked Cole, asked him what his favourite watch brand is. To which Cole responded:

“My favourite watch was Hublot. I used to look every year for a watch. I was in Geneva and I saw this Hublot watch with rose gold. I went into the store looked at it, kept it and walked away.

I told myself: ‘I will buy it.’ You know how you shut your eyes, I just shut my eyes to buy the watch. I was at (the Redemption) Camp, I raised my hands (during worship) with the Hublot shinning in my hands the Holy Spirit told me to give it out.


I brought my hand down straight away. “Can you give up that watch for me.” The voice came again. I went home removed the watch and packed it and dropped it. That was the end of my materialistic tendencies.”


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