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Ewaen Sorae Talks His Retail Brand, E’Sorae Luxury


Ewaen Sorae Talks His Retail Brand, E’Sorae Luxury

Ewaen Sorae

Serial entrepreneur, Ewaen Sorae, is a gamechanger in the Nigerian luxury retail sector. In this interview with ADEDOYIN JOHNSON, he shares his vision for his premium bedding brand, E’Sorae.

Starting E’Sorae

Ewaen Sorae

A 2009 incident when I was in search of quality towels in Nigeria led to the conceptualization of E’Sorae Luxury. I saw a gap in the market for the birth of a trustworthy high premium bedding bath and home fragrances company, and I decided to fill that gap. Before we came into the Nigerian scene, our target market would inconvenience themselves doing their shopping for home linens aboard because there were no reliable sources in Nigeria, but we closed that gap.  We worked hard in creating a market in Nigeria for premium home linens that our clients could trust. 

The Brand Name

It’s funny you should ask that question because it’s the combination of my first and last name. I have been told my name sounds unique, and I decided to use it not only because of its uniqueness but to create a legacy. 

The Designs

We study the market carefully and cater to market needs or the projected needs of the market. We take into consideration the trends in fashion and the demography of our audiences while designing. Most importantly, we ensure our designs focus on functionality and quality and not just aesthetics. 

Premium Bedsheets

As I said, I saw a gap in the market and knew that it had to be filled. The bedding industry is populated with a lot of people selling low-quality beddings on social media and otherwise. I needed to create a brand that was both online and brick and mortar where our target market could shop for premium linens. Moreover, we think it’s important for Nigerians to begin to focus more on health-focused and quality products as opposed to mass-scale productions and subpar quality. With premium-quality beddings, you save money because the quality guarantees longevity. 

New Office Space

Ewaen Sorae

We’ve always had our headquarters in Lagos just at different locations. We just launched our long-awaited Oniru branch. For a long time, we have wanted to start at this location. Our customers living around the area requested for this, but we were waiting for the perfect timing. By God’s grace, we have opened our Oniru branch at Plot 1, Block 122 Hakeem Dickson Drive, Oniru, Lekki.

Expansion Plans

Over the next couple of years, we are looking to roll out more retail outlets over major cities in West Africa. By next year we will be rolling out Hire-a-Linen, a business that intends to breach the gap between hotels and the difficulties surrounding the constant supply of linens. 

Luxury Retail In Nigeria

At first, the luxury market in Nigeria was quite tough. The average Nigerian still believes it’s better to buy luxury brands from the west and bring them back to Nigeria. However, over the years, we have grown reputable and gained the trust of Nigerians through quality products and service delivery. So they can forgo the hassle of going abroad for these items and get them from us. 

Target Market

It’s great that you should ask who our target market are because quality beddings and towels are an essential need. What we’ve found about this industry is that it spans across other sectors like hospitality and other corporate bodies. We cater to hotels, spas, banks, oil companies, and you name it! As well as catering to our retail clients.  So I can say that our target audience is anyone or corporate body that enjoys good quality home linens. 

 Next Big Step

Ewaen Sorae

The next big step is rolling out Hire-a-linen. The purpose of this project is to cater to hotels. Because of the nature of the hotel industry, we have found that hotels run at a loss constantly changing linens. And mostly, they must continuously change linens to meet the standards of their clients. With our new system rolling out by the second quarter of 2019, we’ll be able to fill that gap in the hospitality business by providing them with a linen hire and laundromat business. 


The business environment in Nigeria is very tasking; at every point, there’s a roadblock. The great thing though about the entrepreneurial journey in Nigeria is that it helps you build immeasurable grit. If you are the kind of person that loves challenges, it becomes fulfilling passing through these roads blocks and being able to achieve those goals. Despite the turmoils of Nigeria, there are still large unsaturated markets that yield great opportunities if one is determined to put in the work required. 

Navigating Challenges

By having a clear vision, learning quickly from mistakes and having an entrepreneurial grit. You have to be able to tackle challenges as they come and learn quickly from whatever errors that are made along the way. The Nigerian climate is unforgiving, and those challenges will occur, but you must forge ahead. It also helps to have a reliable support system around you, advisors that have already been through this journey and loved ones that build you up and are always there cheering you.

About Ewaen Sorae

Ewaen Sorae is the Founder and Senior Principal Designer of E’Sorae Luxury, the largest bedding store in Nigeria. Ewaen, a proactive leader and planner with expertise in marketing, has an accounting degree from the University of Benin and an MSc from the University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.

After graduation, Ewaen started his career in London, where he worked as a business development manager for five years. However, with an innate entrepreneurial spirit, he soon relocated back to Nigeria and started E’Sorae Luxury, which today is the largest bedding store in the country with footprints across major cities in Nigeria. Ewaen, who is a serial entrepreneur, is also the founder of Bedsheets Express, a diffusion line to make beddings affordable to all. Ewaen has over 15 years experience in business start-ups, and as an entrepreneur, He currently serves on different boards: Kicks and Giggles Playhouse, Hire a Linen, Ewaen and Iyobosa Sorae Foundation.


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