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Your Kids Won’t Get Locked Down With Emirates

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Your Kids Won’t Get Locked Down With Emirates


Your kids won’t get locked down with Emirates latest offering for them to get engaged this season. The novel health crisis, Coronavirus (COVID-19) affected people globally and impacted their daily lives and activities. Schools have been temporarily shut to protect the health of children, as social-distancing has been adopted as one of the measures required to curb the spread of 
this disease.

Since the lockdown commenced on March 23rd 2020, most children been bored hence they crave to be engaged. With restless energy and desire to run around and play with their peers, it can be discouraging to be at home for long without something to engage in.

Often parents ponder on how best to keep these children busy and yet create a wonderful learning environment. A little planning, however, can help put things into a clearer perspective for parents in order to engage the children and restore balance into their daily lives.

The kids can be kept creatively in high spirit and entertained all year long with puzzles, colouring sheets, recipes, activities and more. 

Here are some ways Emirates Airlines encourages its young travellers to get engaged while staying at home before the airline commences international operations in Nigeria:

•       Have fun with Emirates toys: Here, the adventurous young flyer can order for Emirates toys online to play with.. Kids tend to love the Emirates toy planes, cuddly companions, dolls and more, hence this will inspire the children especially the younger kids.

•       Drawing and Colouring: Children can draw and colour the Fly with me Animal, and colour the Emirates little travellers. The colouring book can be downloaded on Emirates online. 

•       Find the tennis ball: Here the children are engaged in a game of 
finding the object 

•       Bake a tasty treat: During this lockdown, you can get your kids to 
take to the kitchen in order to learn how to whip up delicious 
delicacies and bake a tasty treat. 

•       Go on an adventure: Here the kids are entertained by the Fly with Me 
Animal as they travel in a video. 

•       Explore new places: Here the kids are also entertained by the Fly with 
Me Animal as they travel in a video.  

•       Learn new languages with uTalk: While children are at home, they can 
be engaged by learning few languages of their dream destinations with 
uTalk. This app can be downloaded on almost any device for offline 
access, and the native speakers will help the child perfect his or her 
accent while boosting learnings with fun games. 

•       Enjoy Fly with Me Animal Magazine: With this magazine, young flyers 
are kept entertained with games, puzzles and more activities. 

•       Send a post card:  Young flyers while still at home can write a 
special message on the Emirates Fly With Me Animal postcards, and share 
them on social media with friends and family.  

•       Frame special memories: Children can print out and build Emirates Fly 
With Me Animal photo frames to display their favourite memories around 
their house. 


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