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It’s Your Cup Of Tea: Here Are 5 Best Tea Brands In The World


It’s Your Cup Of Tea: Here Are 5 Best Tea Brands In The World


Once upon a time, an offer of tea whenever you visit a friend or relative is accompanied by milk and sugar. That has now changed as nearly every home have at least a modest selection of herbal and green teas in the pantry.

From traditional Chinese Oolong tea to India’s masala chai to England’s breakfast tea, there is a wide distinction of tea to select from. Below are a few of them:

  1. Vahdam

If you want premium tea blends from India, then Vahdam is the best choice. The tea brand is changing the tea industry with a refreshing approach. Their teas are directly sourced from farmers in India to sell exclusively online. This ensures that you get the best prices and the freshest premium teas. It is the favourite of American talk show hosts Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres.

You cannot go wrong with any of Vahdam’s tea blends especially the fruity and fragrant Earl Grey Citrus Black Tea blend. If you like classic blends, then try their new flavours such as the organic Turmeric wellness detox set, known for its anti-ageing and immunity-boosting properties.

  • TWG 

TWG can best be described as the best luxury tea. Owned by Taha Bouqdib, who is a tea lover himself. A true tea connoisseur, he has travelled far and wide to source and sample the most delectable teas in the world in the last 15 years. I bet that is the kind of reputation you want from your tea supplier. Therefore, his brand, TWG is a showcase of his passion for tea.

Their teas come in hand-sewn, 100% cotton teabags which makes it easy for you to savour the absolute splendour of TWG Tea. Aside from being totally luxe, this actually serves to create the perfect environment for the whole leaf tea to move and expand, ensuring the perfect infusion. TWG Tea is both luxuriant and indulgent and meticulously crafted down to the finest details. 

The Silver Moon by TWG Tea is both delicate and opulent in equal measure on the palate. An exquisite blend of green teas sourced from skilfully selected tea gardens, this tea is perfect to complement those special moments. 

The slight bitterness endemic of green tea is offset by a subtle berry and vanilla bouquet, giving Silver Moon its intricate flavour profile. 

It will invigorate your tastebuds upon the first sip, the intoxicating fragrance will arise from the cup moments setting the stage for those ambrosial flavours to work their magic.

3. Republic of Tea

white emperor tea

This could be regarded as the best white tea. It endeavours to uphold the gracious ceremony of tea-drinking through sip-by-sip culture. The brand gently inspires the drinker to appreciate the subtleties of its teas harvested from the worthiest tea gardens.

The Republic of Tea whole leaf teas are unbleached bagged teas and decaffeinated blends. Grown exclusively in the Fujian Province mountains in China, Republic of Tea’s White Emperor Tea promises unparalleled flavours to a majestic degree. Its harvesting time is as specific as its region: the leaves are picked on only two days of each year in the small window when the tea flowers are on the cusp of opening.

Predictably, the unique and time-sensitive method of harvesting means this white tea is one of the rarest in the world.

Plus, it’s not called White Emperor for anything: these exact tea leaves were traditionally picked from the emperor’s secret garden and served to visit dignitaries to give them the warmest, most fragrant welcome to China.

4. Tea Forté

Tea Forte

Tea Forté is providing exceptional teas presented in beautifully unique packaging. An indulgence for the eyes as well as the taste buds, Tea Forte strives to stand out from the crowd with its elegantly handcrafted pyramid infusers encasing the award-winning flavour bonanza inside.

Working directly with growers, Tea Forté is dedicated to creating the most exquisite flavour combinations, which meld together to create both quirky and classic blends.

They’re proud to provide fine teas to over 35 countries, reflecting the permeating appeal of their craft. 

The Tea Tasting Assortment includes 40 varieties of their most popular tea blends. You really can have it all! Wrapped deliciously in an embossed pastel box and finished with an oh-so-lavish satin ribbon, the Tea Tasting Assortment could be the perfect gift.

5. Harney & Sons: Best black tea

Harney & Sons: Best black tea

A family business powered by a true passion for all things tea, Harney and Sons continues the legacy developed by their founder, John Harney. 

The eponymous sons of Harney and Sons now work hard to discover the world’s finest tea plantations. Mike Harney, who has been given the title Master Tea Buyer and Blender previously held the equally enviable position of hobbyist sommelier. As such, his taste buds are second-to-none. Expertly crafting both traditional and exotic tea blends are the order of the day, every day at New York-based Harney and Sons.

With over 300 different blends, including several matches and a new hemp range, even the prissiest of tea drinkers are likely to be appeased with the formidable tea selection.

The bestseller of the brand is also one of the oldest, developed by John Harney in 1980. The enticingly-named Hot Cinnamon Spice tea is a warming brew that is black tea-based, with orange peel, sweet clove and three types of cinnamon. With its earthy brown liquor reminiscent of the fertile soils in which it grows and the exotic aroma of spice and citrus, Hot Cinnamon Spice is truly a treat for the senses.


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