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Belair Bathroom Sets

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Belair Bathroom Sets


Toilet2Belair lacquered bathroom set consist of a 30x21x2h cm tray, 19x9x5h cm box, 9x9x10h cm toothbrush glass, 9x9x15,3h cm soap dispenser, 15x9x2h cm soap dish, and a 9x9x10h cm cotton bud holder. The dispenser holds a plastic bottle. Available in two finishes of brushed matt black and metallic anthracite grey. The specific effect on the surfaces is the result of overlaying layers of coloured lacquer and metal powder. The powder is sprinkled before finishing and applying the final layers of paint. Alternating sharp edges and curved shapes enhance the volumes. Playful square and rounded elements highlight the significant consistency of the collection. The entire set is made of resin lacquered Mdf elements. You can buy now at: www.armanicasa.com

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