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Timepieces to wear for the inauguration

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Timepieces to wear for the inauguration


As the inauguration for the president elect, Muhammadu Buhari and vice president elect, Yemi Osinbajo and governors’ approaches, as an attendee, you cannot drive your luxury car to the main arena where the event will take place. What stands you out therefore, is the watch you have on your wrist. It is what separates the big men from the boys. And so we went around some luxury watch shops to bring you some statement timepieces you can adorn your wrists with on the big day. Below are some of them as compiled by FUNKE OSAE-BROWN

Double Mystery by Franck Muller

Double Mystery_2XFor the first time, the Double Mystery™ hands-free hours and minutes has a dial with two turning disks with different looks, and therefore manages to reveal extremely clean lines, at the same time as enabling the time to be read clearly.

This complication features an ingenious mechanism under the dial. In the past, only a few watchmakers have attempted anything resembling this watch, the results however were often merely visual and not mechanical.

The glimmer of the diamonds on the dial and case is fabulous. Nothing interrupts the harmony and elegance of the Cintrée Curvex’s curves or the restraint of the rounded cases, which conceal the mystery of the complication.


Richard Mille’s RM 16

RM 16The watch can be aptly dubbed the ultimate chic when it comes to its style and design. Little wonder the watchmaker said that the creation of the rectangular shape while conserving the brand’s distinguishing hallmark is difficult to exercise. For this model, Richard Mille concentrated on the opposite constraint for the watch to be as flat as possible.




Blue Dream collection by Franck Muller

Blue Dream collection by Franck MullerThe Blue Dream collection is a celebration of the elegant and masculine style of Franck Muller. With its three dimensional curved body, this new model claims the perfect and harmonious curves of the emblematic Cintrée Curvex collection while featuring new modern attributes.

The cases as well as the dial of the watch are vertically satiny brushed with a blue PVD treatment. The dial of this watch perfectly combines philosophy of art and functionality. The contrast of the classic luminova numerals with the deep blue, reinforce the readibility and creates visual depth. Blending sporty elegance and masculinity, this new model carries its unique aesthetics and features the Franck Muller’s signature shape.


URWERK’s UR-202The UR-202 features URWERK’s patented revolving satellite complication with the added bonus of telescopic minute hands and an innovative new winding system regulated by compressing air. Presenting the UR-202 Turbine Automatic. It features The UR-202 features URWERK’s patented revolving satellite complication with telescoping minute hands that precisely adjust their length to follow the sectors marking the minutes. The patented carousel is the critical component of the revolving satellite complication. It is responsible for not only the rotation of the hour satellites but also the integral telescopic minute hands.

The UR-202 is also the world’s first watch with the winding rate regulated by fluid dynamics.


Admiral’s Cup AC-ONE 45 by Corum

Admiral’s Cup AC-ONE 45 by CorumWith its new Admiral’s Cup AC-One 45 Squelette, Corum offers a full immersion into the heart of its intricate horological workings. The airy architecture of a finely open worked mechanism, together with the transparency of remarkably modern date disk and the lightness of the titanium clothing the case with its iconic lines, all contribute to earning this new model a place of its own within the world of Fine watchmaking. This exquisite watch will surely sit well on your wrist on the inauguration day. It is a head turner for those who know what quality watch is.




Manufacture Royale’s Opera collection

Manufacture Royale’s Opera collectionThe Opera collection is a minute repeater tourbillion. Opera is a demonstration of watchmaking virtuosity. Whether it is its meticulously crafted case inspired by the architecture of the Sydney Opera or its astounding mechanism. This timepiece takes the art of watchmaking previously unimaginable heights. Opera is combining two high complication, a Minute Repeater and a Tourbillon providing a 108 hour power reserve. This masterpiece showcase an escapement wheel and levers shaped in silicium to offer the highest precision and withstand the passage of time. It is a masterpiece that will surely add candour to your dressing on that big day.


Berkely by Backes and Strauss

Berkeley BaguetteThe Berkeley Collection is inspired by one of the most charming of London’s great squares – a graceful garden in the heart of elegant, bustling Mayfair. Originally laid out in the 18th century by Palladian master and landscape architect William Kent, Berkeley Square has particular resonance for Backes and Strauss; its great plane trees, among the oldest in London, were planted in 1789, the year the company started trading. It has since become a famously romantic spot, known for the song, ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’. In this collection the Berkeley Two Rows and Berkeley Baguette are great pieces to have. They are modest yet classy.



Richard Mille’s Dizzy Hands RM 63-01

RM63-01 FRONT CMYKWith the quickest glance, nothing gives away the unusual horological creation inside this timepiece except the visual layout of the hours. In every detail, part and mechanical solution, one could see this is pure class in every sense that is synonymous with Richard Mille. What is fascinating about this watch is that when the pusher at the center of the crown is depressed once, a slow motion ballet begins while the sapphire dial begins to slowly rotate counter clockwise as the hour hand moves clockwise both at different speeds. These pieces are available at Julian’s Luxury at the Wheatbaker, Onitolo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.


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