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Young Artist’s Burst of Colours For Cerebral Palsy

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Young Artist’s Burst of Colours For Cerebral Palsy


Young Artist’s Burst of Colours For Cerebral Palsy


Activities were in top gear at Didi Museum located at highbrow Akin Adesola Street on Sunday at the opening of La Vie exhibition. The well attended event was a debut of 17-year-old Ayomide Fadase. 

L-R Ayomide Fadase, artiste; Busola Fadase, Mum of the artiste; Sir Bruce Onobrakpeya, renowned artiste; Ayodele Fadase, dad of the artiste and Ayotomi Fadase,  sister at Thelma Vie  Art Exhibition of Ayomide Fadase at D

A collection of artistic creativity which comes from a deep place of the young artist’s mixed feelings, the works depict the reality of her world. 

Ayomide who discovered her talent as an artist just three years ago, came up with the collection to raise funds The Cerebral Palsy Center (CP Center) in Surulere, Lagos. 

This is a strategic way of aiding immensely, the work done at the center to boost specialized therapy, care, and accommodation to children with Cerebral Palsy in Nigeria and at no cost to the families.

“Growing up in Nigeria, we always did art in school, says Ayomide while recalling the early discovery of her love for art, it was more of an academic thing.  I was always told how to draw line straight and how do a couple of other things. 

It was where the Arts side of me sprang up and it was basic academics. I was never encouraged to push it until I moved, and the classes I attended in arts where wore creative and free spirited. I moved to the United States and that is where I got my passion to practice art and since I had the creative side why not push it for a better cause. Which is why I had my exhibition.”

She decided to use the proceeds from her works to support children at the CP Centre because she believes they aren’t getting adequate care. 

“ I always knew I wanted to donate all my proceeds to charity. Majorly this isn’t about just donating to them but I was considering doing something different. Majorly it is also to spread awareness for what people didn’t know about. When I met this centre during my church, I didn’t know about cerebral psaltery. Didn’t know that there were so many people in the world who have it all over the world and we have many people who have this disability.”

Her Father, Ayodele Fadase says it was important he supports her baby steps. “When you see your seed starting to grow, you will have a vision of where the end point will look like when you start to see the beauty of the seed and its starts to germinate. So what I am saying today is, I am seeing a fruitful future growing, I am also anchoring based on my faith the scripture that says that despise not the little beginnings.”

The opening of the exhibition was attended by grandmaster artist, Bruce Onobrakpeya. He says he is impressed by the quality of works he saw especially the artist’s use of colours.

“All of them impressed me, they all have subjects but one has a free Colour and it’s beautiful. That’s is the one is standing behind you and I will keep it in my house. It has freedom, it’s appealing, you don’t have to look here and there and find something pleasing. They are all there.”

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